Do you have a morning routine? It is one of my goals to have one. Unfortunately, being consistent is not my strong suit, but i’m working on it.
Here is a list of morning routines that ensure productivity. There are things on this list i always do, things i sometimes do, and things i aim to do. Without further due, here you go:

Top 7 ways to get more productive and less stressed in the morning:

1. Wake up early:

When my son has school, i usually wake up at dawn and stay up. In the rare occasions when i go back to sleep, i’m usually so tired i snooze my alarms or remove them without realizing. Next thing i know, i slept in and i have to hurry to get my sons lunch box ready and to get myself and my son dressed, which creates a lot of fuss and tantrums from the both of us. Meanwhile, when i stay up after dawn, i can get everything ready calmly and wake up my son early enough to arrive at his school early, and usually with little to no tantrums.

2. Coffee:

Usually, the 1st thing i do when i wake up is make coffee ☕ It wakes me up and it is the routine of making the coffee that gets my mind rolling as it realizes i’m up and i need to move faster than a snail. On those rare occassions where i don’t get my coffee in, i’m usually grumpy and slow. You can even see it in my face when i haven’t had my caffeine. I know not everyone is a coffee person, so drink whatever works for you. It could be tea 🍵 or milk 🥛 or water 💦 or orange juice 🥤 but there’ s something about getting liquids into your body as soon as you wake up that gets your gears moving.

3. Make a to do list:

Ok so i know this may not be for everyone, but for me, the days i make a to do list are usually more productive and fulfilling. Planning your day ahead helps you to know what to expect and how to better manage your time. After i drop my son off to school, i know i have 6 hours to get everything on my list done. I leave my afternoons and weekends list-free because they are usually as spontaneous as my son is. You don’t have to write a detailed list of what you’re going to do. You can choose 3 things that you need to accomplish and prioritize your time accordingly.

4. Read:

I’m guilty of sitting on my phone from the moment i wake up. The time i spend on my phone is something i’m trying to cut back on. Some days i spend 2 hours on my phone and other days, like yesterday, i spend 7 hours! It’s usually the days that i’m occupied with a book that i cut down on phone usage. I do read a lot on my phone, but then youtube, instagram and whatsapp distract me.

5. Exercise:

My goal for the past almost 4 years has been to exercise daily. The longest i’ve gone was a 1 month streak and the moment i announced my victory i fell into a setback. Currently, i’m 56% to my goal, meaning on average, i exercise every other day.

6. Podcasts:

This really helps when i’m feeling demotivated and i need to do something physical like exercise or housework. I listen to podcasts about productivity from Pick the brain podcast, and parenting podcasts and others.

7. Breakfast:

A healthy breakfast is very much recommended and something i sometimes do. When i do, though, i either eat eggs 🥚 or oatmeal 🥣 or peanut butter and honey 🍯 but i don’t do so until i’m done with exercise and/or housework.

These are the top tips i have for creating a productive morning routine. I hope they help. What are some things you do to have a productive morning?