So i haven’t been writing about mental health issues because, honestly, i have been a bit in the negative spectrum lately. I don’t know how to describe it. I’m not sure if i was feeling depressed, sad, in a funk (too much routine and need spontaneity), angry, moody, irritable, stressed or all of the above. I call it mixed feelings when i can’t pinpoint what i feel or why.

And the result is that:

1. I take everything as a personal attack against me.

2. I react to everything and everyone emotionally.

3. I withdraw from people because i don’t want to lash out on them or burden them with my trivial problems.

If you’ve been there, then you know what i mean. So what is the solution? Well, i’m still struggling but i will walk you through my process of recovery:

1. Talk to someone. It could be a close friend, a family member, a therapist, or a self help app. There is this application called wysa that i totally recommend. It helps you deal with depression and anxiety when you need someone to talk to or to help you navigate your big emotions. They give you coping tools but you must check in with the application regularly to record your progress.

2. Do something you love. I’m always feeling guilty for not getting all my housework done or not spending enough one on one time with my son, and although those things are important and crucial, sometimes you feel like you just can’t. If you feel like withdrawing, instead of sleeping for 12 hours or listening to sad songs on repeat, read a good book or watch something funny. A good romantic comedy goes a long way. You could also draw or write or whatever would put you in a good mood.

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are not perfect. You made a mistake or maybe 100? It’s ok. Try to fix whatever you can, and what you can’t just let it go. Vow to do better in the future.

4. Set goals for yourself. Write them down. Hang it on the fridge or on your desk, where you can see it. Even if it’s just 1 goal, it has to be specific though. Don’t write “i want to be rich” or “i want a perfect body”. You could write “i want to make 100$ in a month” or “i want to lose 5 pounds in a month” and then write the steps you need to take daily to make it happen. Having something to look forward to helps.

5. Try to smile. I know that when you are feeling down and hopeless, it’s hard to even fake a smile. Believe me, i AM there right now. Stand in front of the mirror and practice smiling while reminding yourself of your blessings. I’m going to do it too. Day in and day out, soon you will find yourself smiling without effort and it will improve your mood as well.

6. Try something different. Do something you normally don’t do, to get out of your routine and also to help your brain neuroplasticity. New experiences enhance the brain and therefore improve your mood.

These are the things that work for me when i’m in a funk. What do you do when you’re having “mixed feelings”?

Please share in the comments section.