I tried drinking more water for a week!

I don’t like water. There! I said it. It’s tasteless and i don’t find it enjoyable to drink. I don’t drink juice either except rarely. I don’t drink soda or energy drinks. I’m a coffee and herbal tea person. If i were to count my liquids throughout the day, that would be 2 cups of coffee, 2 cups of herbal tea, and 1 cup of water.

However, i know that water is healthy. I know that drinking water is good for your skin and overall wellbeing. I know that when you feel thirsty, then you are already partially dehydrated. I don’t feel thirsty easily, and when i do, i’m unable to drink a whole cup of water in less than an hour interval.

So in the spirit of the New Year and new beginnings and goal renewing, i decided to download an application to remind me to drink water and to track my water consumption (just water, not coffee nor herbal drinks) for a week and this is what happenned:

Did i drink more water? Yes, but apparently not enough.

Did i feel more energized? No, but apparently, i was more active.

Did my skin improve? No, it’s still dry.
Maybe my body wasn’t meant to hold water in, because i let it all out and ended up thirsty half the time, despite drinking more water.
Maybe i’m not used to drinking water so i need to try this for a month at least before i notice a difference.

However, i learned certain tips on “how” to drink water.
One thing i know for sure, i’m not deleting the app, and i recommend you download it too if you are having trouble drinking water like me.

Drink Water Reminder: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.remind.drink.water.hourly


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