This poem was inspired by the way the clouds looked, like they were preparing for a storm.

The clouds come rolling in
And you’re waiting for the storm to begin
You’re looking left and right
Waiting for someone to help you fight

In the depth of despair
When you’re gasping for air
Hope for tomorrow
Will help you get there

When you lose all your hope
You surrender and mope
Deep in your heart there’s a light
So let it shine bright

I know you’re tired from the long journey
Carrying all of your emotional baggage
If you put down your doubts you can hurry
Look into the ordinary for the magic

It’s all around you if you look closely
Like the way a buttefly flutters its wings
I know this world makes you feel lonely
But you’ll learn to appreciate everything

I know responsibility has made you weary
And you had to give up on your dreams
You’re troubled by uncertainty
And you’re fueled by fear

You can always start over
It’s never too late
When all the doors are closed
And you feel afraid

Don’t fall into despair
Keep climbing
Please hang in there
Keep trying

Set a goal, make a plan, measure the distance
If you want to, you can, with persistence

Pray for all you want
And always work hard
Be kind to everyone
And you’ll get there

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