I published my 5th book last night! I’m so excited about this one. It’s my 2nd poetry book. Heart on my sleeve and other poems has all the feels. The paperback is also available. I want to thank everyone who encouraged me along the way, and everyone who was genuinely happy for me. I will never forget that I couldn’t have done this without the will and blessing of God, who gave me the ability to express myself so in words. I have social anxiety so if you see me in public, especially around people I can’t be myself with, you’d think I was another person. I am eternally grateful that God gave me this passage way to vent my feelings and to benefit others in the process. I am a Muslim but I am a human. We may go through different experiences but we all go through the same range of emotions. It takes courage to open up, to express how you feel, to admit that you do feel. A few months ago, publishing a book was a distant dream, and with courage and determination and encouragement enabled by God’s will, I laid the 1st stepping stone to achieving my ultimate goal as a writer and to that I am eternally grateful.

Also, just a quick reminder/announcement that i currently have 4 other books published. I will leave the links on the names of the books (click the name of the book to go to the site) and a brief description.

My latest book, Life after freedom ends is a depiction of the reality of marriage and motherhood. This book is only available in kindle form. If you want it in paperback, please comment or dm me so i can create a paperback version.

The one before that is a concise autobiography up to 2016, which is when my son was 1 years old. Growing up between USA and Lebanon is a talk about my struggles fitting into the Lebanese society. It was much juicier but i took out a lot of details to pretect the privacy of my family. This book is also available as paperback.

The 1st book i ever wrote, How did i get here? Is a self help book, full of advice based on my experiences. It is also available in paperback.

The 1st book i published, which is a collection of poems i wrote during the year i had PPD after becoming a mother, is Motherhood in poems. It is also available in paperback.

I hope you enjoy my books and i hope they help you or teach you something. Please, if you read any of my books and liked it, leave a review on Amazon. The link would be the same link of the book. If you bought the book in paperback, please take a picture of it and share it in your stories and tag me (if you have me on instagram).

I’m sorry to say that my ebooks are not available in any of the Arabian countries, but the paperbacks are available worldwide.