10 things that make me happy

I just read a blog post by my friend Betul with this title and she recommended whoever wants to write their own list, so I couldn’t resist.

So here is my list:

1. The beach

Watching the waves come ago, especially during a sunset, is natural meditation for me.

2. Chocolate

This is my comfort food when I’m stressed out, especially dark chocolate or chocolate with nuts.

3. My son’s laugh

It’s the most beautiful sound in the world

4. Flowers

All the colors and types of flowers 💐

My favorite scent is white lilies.

5. Rainbows

There is something about a rainbow that brings me joy

6. Reading

Whether it’s blogs or books or ebooks.

7. Writing

For me, writing has become as essential as eating and drinking.

8. Rain

The sound of the rain, the raindrops on the window, the flash of the lightening and the rumble of the thunder. It’s a mood.

9. Spending time with my loved ones

Being with people who make you forget about your phone is priceless, whether they are friends or family.

10. Quraan

Last but not least, when I read God’s words out loud with tajweed and actually feel them while acknoledging the meaning, it transforms me.

What are the top 10 things that make you happy?

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