10 habits I need to stop

I’ve been working on self improvement ever since I got married. Although sometimes I feel I’m making progress, there are days when I feel utterly hopeless and I’m convinced that I can’t change and that I’m not fit to be a wife or a mom or a housewife. I know the feeling is temporary but since it lasts for days, and sometimes weeks, it feels like it’ll go on forever. I literally have written down a list of my flaws, but this isn’t the list.

This is a list of habits I need to stop:

1. Staying on my phone for an hour or two after I go to bed, even after my hand hurts from holding the phone.

2. Explaining my actions to people.

3. Seeking validation in everything I do, and getting depressed when I don’t get that validation.

4. Taking everything personally against me.

5. Going into too much detail when I’m talking, even after I notice the other person got bored.

6. Over reacting to every single stressor of my day to day life.

7. Going into despair and calling myself a bad mom and convincing myself I can’t change everytime I lose my patience.

8. Making up scenarios in my head and believing them as true because of a look someone gave or a word they said.

9. Taking out my anger on everyone around me and saying hurtful things and then regretting them later.

10. Venting and oversharing when I’m feeling down.

What are some things you’d like to change about yourself?

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