How confident are you?

Self confidence is an important trait that is needed for success.

It is something that if nurtured in childhood, thrives. Otherwise, it suffers through adulthood.

Someone who was taught to love themselves and be confident will have better faith in their abilities, better social relationships, and will be more successful.

When you are confident, it means you believe in yourself. You believe you are worthy of love, attention and success. You don’t people please. You don’t say negative things about yourself like “I’m so lazy or stupid” or whatever it is you think you are.

But being confident does not mean being arrogant. It does not mean thinking you are better than other people. It means that you have a set of attributes you are proud of, you know your strengths and use them for your benefit, and you love yourself enough to respect yourself and not let anyone disrespect you.

Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities in a realistic, secure way. It’s a quiet inner knowledge that you’re capable. Confident people feel ready for everyday challenges like tests, performances, and competitions.

If you are low on self confidence because you were bullied at school or ridiculed at home, there are ways to boost your self confidence:

  1. Visualize yourself as you want to be. Imagine what it would feel like to be confident. Read about confident leaders and how they talked, walked, and presented themselves. Practice in front of a mirror. Give a speech to an imaginary audience.
  2. Affirm yourself. Affirmations don’t work for everyone, but if they work for you in other areas in your life, then they will work here. Tell yourself nice things. Instead of telling yourself “I’m so lazy” say “I will finish my tasks early so that I can be carefree later and not worry about being productive”.
  3. Do one thing that scares you every day. Confident people step out of their comfort zone everyday. I know it feels safer in your bubble, but in the long run, you will regret not trying, not standing up for yourself, not taking risks. So write down all the things you want to do but are too afraid. Do one of them everyday. Whether it’s learning how to drive or applying for that job you always wanted or even simple things like participating in a social setting or calling someone you’ve been scared to reach out to.
  4. Set yourself up to win. When you don’t try, you are setting yourself up to lose. So prepare for that exam, practice that sport. Whatever it is that you want to do, prepare beforehand so that when the day comes, you’re ready to win. If you don’t prepare, then give a presentation and flunk, it will further damage your self confidence. So prepare the material, give the presentation in front of family and friends, relax, and try your best.
  5. Help someone else. Helping others is a great way to give back and feel good about yourself. When you help someone, it helps you see that the world does not revolve around you, and all the pressure you put on yourself loosens a little bit.
  6. Care for yourself. Self care is a practice of self love. Confident people shower, wear clean clothes, and do things that make them happy.

There are many ways to work on your self confidence. There are so many books out there with tips and tricks. One thing you need to know is that the core of self confidence is knowing your worth.


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