The Secret Garden Movie holds a powerful message

I read the book The Secret Garden about 10 years ago. I remember loving it but I forgot what it was about. I recently watched the movie and my mind was officially blown.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you, but all I will say is that sometimes an illness can all be in your head. There is also a message about learning from young children about life. Often, as grown ups, we think we know better, but we are crippled by our fears and limited imagination. Children are curious and imaginative and believe everything is possible.

My son asks me so many questions that I sometimes don’t know how to answer. Children force us to step out of our comfort zone, otherwise, we drag them down with us when we try to conform them to be a certain way.

Children really are inspiring. We must nurture the good qualities they have, not kill their ambitions and hopes and dreams.

Yesterday morning, my son brought me the cardboard box of a toy and said “We can make an airplane with this”. At 1st I said I didn’t know how. He said “then watch a video on youtube to teach you how”. Then I said I was too tired. He said “then we can do it later when you’re not tired”. His enthusiasm actually encouraged me. I searched for a video on how to make a cardboard airplane and I promised that soon I’ll do it.

In all honesty, I’m too lazy to do it. I never thought of myself as being able to do arts and crafts. Whenever my son asked me to do something, I said I couldn’t. One day, I caved in and drew him a dinosaor while watching a YouTube tutorial. Now I have drawn so many things for him I lost count, and it turns out I’m actually good at it. I don’t particularly enjoy it. I’d rather read or write, but it makes my son happy, so I try.

I still haven’t made him the cardboard airplane, but it’s on my list of things to do soon. This kid pushes me to be a better mom, to be more productive and creative.

It’s really important to learn from our children what we can. They have a zest for life and we either go along with it and become alive in the process, or we shut down and bring them down to the dark with us, where there is no hope or joy and there is only misery.

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