How can we be in a world where we can literally contact anyone by the press of a button, and yet we do not do that?

Why do we wait for people to contact us, while we hurt because they won’t? Then we go on a limb and contact others, put ourselves out there, make ourselves vulnerable… Then immediately feel aweful because the people we really feel we need to connect with are not even thinking about us, or maybe they do and wait for us to call.

Sad but true. Social media has made us so disconnected. And this modern world where it’s all about the hustle and people only interact with the people that will serve their goals. Take me for example. Sadly, I interact the most with the ones who read my blogs. Not intentionally, but I share my blog with a few people, the ones I know will read them. If I notice someone isn’t giving me feedback on my blogs (3 people are an exception because I know they read my blogs when they get to them and they do give me feedback when they do) I stop sending the blogs to them after a while. And it’s usually my blogs that are conversation starters. That and I decide to say good morning to a select few every often. On the rare occasion do people text me 1st, and it’s usually when I’m busy for a few days and forget to text them.

How can we get too busy to just make one phone call? For me, I prefer not to do phone calls with my son present because he makes too much noise. That’s why I rely mostly on texts and voice messages, but most people I know prefer phone calls. Also, I like to keep my phone calls simple, not 2 hours long.

Also, being at home and doing daily life things exhausts me to the point where a human conversation is too exhausting for me. But on the days that I have a lot of free time, I get really lonely and I realize that I have no one to hang out with.

I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic and an economic crisis, but I think it’s sad that someone who has hundreds of followers on instagram and thousands of views on wordpress doesn’t have a single person who would be willing to hang out if I just called and asked. That being said, I’m not able to hang out with anyone without a days notice in advance. So maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe I’m not that lonely.

I hope this pandemic ends soon. It’s making me more isolated than I already was before, and I’m becoming a loner.