How environmentally friendly are you?

I did a quiz yesterday, and basically they ask you a few questions to see how much you know about being environmentally friendly.

Before I share my results, I will tell you what I think I know about what being environmentally friendly is:

  • Relying on natural light as much as possible, and not turning on lights unnecessarily. ☑️
  • Trying not to use electrical devices as much as possible. ❎
  • Using renewable sources of energy eg. solar energy to heat your water ☑️
  • Not using lead in your petrol ⛽ when you fill your car ☑️
  • Putting a filter on the exhaust of your car to prevent emission of toxic gases ☑️
  • Not dumping wastes into the sea or ocean or rivers ☑️
  • Reuse, reduce and recycle ☑️☑️❎

Obviously, the ☑️ are things I do and the ❎ are the things I don’t do.

Click here to take the quiz

So I feel if I share my results as they are, I’d be giving the answers to the quiz away. Instead, I’ll list my take home messages from this quiz

  1. Reducing plastic use is very important
  2. Reducing meat intake is more important (good thing I don’t eat much meat, but I do eat meat)
  3. Relying on natural sunlight and not leaving the lights on is important
  4. Reducing the use of other electrical appliances is more important (I need to work on that)
  5. Switching to a hybrid car is a great idea (if you can afford it)

That’s all I have for now. I hope I didn’t give away too much from the quix. I got 2 wrong and 2 right in the quiz. Can you do better?

What are you doing to be more environmentally friendly?

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