Are you living in your comfort zone?

Disclaimer: I think we are all uncomfortable at the moment. Some of us are in panic mode (fear zone), some in the learning zone, and the few of us experiencing growth are the lucky ones.

I think I generally fluctuate between comfort zone and fear zone. I’ve been called out about that several times. Every once in a while, I venture out to the learning zone, and when my anxiety becomes too high because there are too many things to apply (eat healthy, sleep early, wake up early, phone detox, read more, exercise daily, eventually drive and get a job) , I go back to my comfort zone. On few occasions I’ve run through my panic (I’m very impulsive despite having anxiety) and reached personal growth. My goal is to reach growth on every level, but it’s easier said than done.

How to step out of your comfort zone bit by bit?

That workout you need to do but feel too lazy to do? Just do it!

Avoiding comfronting someone so you don’t rock the boat? Think it through. Know what to say and how. Delete the story in your head. Be open to a different perspective. And then go confront them, but not in a hostile manner. Also pick the right timing.

I want to live a life that it bigger than myself. I want to make a difference. I can’t do that hiding in my house and avoiding people. I know that, and I’m working on it. I think. Maybe I should do a quiz just to make sure.

Or I could just move to Ireland

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4 thoughts on “Are you living in your comfort zone?

  1. This is a very insightful post. This is interesting that you see yourself as fluctuating between comfort zone and fear zone because, from reading your blog, I thought you were spending much more time in the learning zone.


    1. Thank you! Yes i do spend quite some time in the learning zone but it soon gets overwhelming for me when i find it’s easier read than done. I also feel i have so much more to learn and i also refrain from blogging advice when im not in the learning zone

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