Hello 👋 reader,

How is/was your day?

I’ve had a hectic day today, so I couldn’t write the post I intended to write today. So instead, I thought I’d share the positive affirmations I wrote for myself a few days ago in addition to some I found on Pinterest today.

I started reading an ebook my amuslimmamacomics and the 1st exercise was positive affirmations.

It was really difficult for me to come up with positive affirmations about myself, but I did it! And I encourage you to try this exercise. It’s very uplifting.

  1. I am beautiful
  2. I am smart
  3. I am strong
  4. I am good with words
  5. I am very self aware
  6. I am very enduring
  7. I am responsible
  8. I am kind hearted
  9. I am resourceful
  10. I am tender
  11. I am somewhat religious
  12. I am very neat and organized
  13. I am sometimes optimistic
  14. I am educated

I hope these affirmations help you as they helped me. I don’t really relax until my son finishes his lunch (been eating lunch since 1:30pm) and his online classes so another 30 minutes until I can breathe, but in the meantime I’ll keep saying these affirmations.