A mess (villanelle poem)

Disclaimer: I’m doing just fine. I just hadn’t written a poem in a while so I practiced a villanelle poem. My mind is the normal mess it usually is in, but I’m not having anxiety attacks nor bouts of depression, not that I’m aware of. I have been socially distant but since I’m aware of that I will try to rectify the situation. I’m definitely stressed out from being at home with my son and not going out but it is what it is and my writings have been helping me a lot. I should be exercising more and eating healthier but I’m sleeping just fine. I am tired all the time and I do get recurrent nightmares of people chasing me and other weird bizarre dreams and I do feel isolated from the outside world, but only because the world I live in is of no interest to my family and friends. My own family don’t even read my blogs, despite being American and most of my friends don’t have the time or the energy to read my blogs, hence the feeling of isolation. I’m glad I have you my readers to vent to so I don’t feel so alone. Oh and my husband doesn’t read my blogs either.


One response to “A mess (villanelle poem)”

  1. Candid, good flow. Keep writing

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