Turning the page on 2020

Hello ๐Ÿ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog!

It’s a week until New Year’s and 2020 will finally be over. Here’s to hoping 2021 will be a better year. Despite the rollercoaster of a year filled with tragedy, I still managed to achieve some goals and restore some order to my life by making monthly goals for November and December of this year.

Today I’m reflecting on my December goals (I know December isn’t over yet but since my son will be taking a 2 week vacation from school so I won’t have much me time to focus on my goals in these 2 weeks, hence the early reflection)


I don’t celebrate Christmas because I’m a Muslim and it’s a Christian holiday (Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus as Christians consider him to be God or the son of God ุงุณุชุบูุฑ ุงู„ู„ู‡) but as a Muslim, I believe in 1 God and Jesus is his messenger. However, since I live in a multisectarian country with Muslims and Christians, schools must take both Muslim and Christian holidays (good news for students and teachers but bad news for parents).

This month, I made 20 goals (I know that’s overwhelming but last month I made 29 goals so I’m getting better). I won’t go in detail about each goal, but I’ll tell you that I categorized them into personal, social, spiritual, reading, writing, and physical. I tried to stick to 3 goals per category.

As you can see, week by week, my performance in these goals fluctuated. Week 1 I was best at writing, week 2 I brought my spiritual A game, and in week 3 I pulled myself together socially, physically and kept on reading increasingly from the beginning of the month until today (2 pages a day, don’t be impressed). Here’s to hoping I don’t fall apart completely in the 4th week!

This last week of December I’ll be reassessing my goals and what I need to focus on in the future, and I’ll be planning for a better 2021.

How will I plan for 2021?

1. Calender

I did this in 2020 for the 1st time. I printed out a calender where each month had a quote on it and there was an empty page where I drew and decorated.

I drew and cut and colored for each month until I got to September because I got discouraged.

This year I will print out another calender but I will decorate it differently (no sneak peaks, I’ll show you when I make it).

2. Monthly goals

Since I really enjoyed making goals for November and December (although a bit overwhelming), I decided to continue this into 2021, but I will try to limit myself to 2 goals per category.

The categories may change as well once I write my mission statement (I printed out the template and action words and I plan to fill them out before new year’s).

3. Weekly planning

I haven’t done this before, but I’ve been reading a lot about time management and Stephan Covey said weekly plannars are very important so I’m going to give it a shot.

I’m not done reading this chapter yet but this is the template for weekly plannars from the book The 7 habits of highly effective people

4. To-do lists

I’ve been writing these for years, but this time I’ll try to do them differently. I usually jot down 20 tasks to do per day, or nothing at all. I’ll try my best to not put more than 10 tasks on my list and to create a morning and evening routine such that I don’t even have to write it down. I’ll also try to prioritize the 3 most important tasks and do them 1st if I can.

Yesterday’s to-do list

I hope you enjoyed this overview into how I plan my life. There is a lot of unplanned events that I don’t write down. People can be very unpredictable. My mood and health throw me off balance too sometimes. It’s important to plan ahead and work on your goals but to also be flexible so that when something happens (a death in the family, sickness, bad weather,…) it doesn’t discourage you from working on achieving your goals.

Have you reflected on 2020 yet?

What do you have planned for 2021?

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