Storytime: I feel like Riley from Inside Out

Have you ever watched the movie Inside out? It’s a Disney Pixar movie that I recommend 💯 for all ages. I’m yet to watch Inside out 2, but part 1 is amazing.

Basically it’s about a girl who moves to a new school, new city and is dealing with overwhelming sadness I think. They show you all the emotions in her head trying to control her actions.

The inside of her brain is separated into family, friendship, imagination, etc. As she learns to grow up, she battles with her negative emotions.

So lately there has been a lot of drama in my personal life, and it’s sucking me into this vortex of negativity that I’m struggling to get out of.

If I were to make a map of the inside of my head, there would be personal development (enriching my brain and body), family, friendship, writing, spirituality, and emotional well being.

Ever since the beginning of January, I haven’t been able to really work on my goals because I’m too burnt out and having panic attacks. I’ve been meditating so that I have less panic attacks.

2020 has been very isolating for me and I’m craving attention from people who aren’t able to give me what I need. So after trying so hard to get their attention and only getting negative attention, I have decided to back off. I have my son, as exhausting as being with him all day is, he still makes me smile, even though when he is around, I can’t read or write blogs (he just fell asleep at 10pm which is why I’m able to write this post).

He drew and colored this all by himself. How awesome is that?! He is the one wearing green and orange, surfing. It’s a fun day at the beach of the whole family (I forgot to ask who is who)

I think I’m going to watch the movie Inside Out again so I can remember the takeaway messages from the movie.

Have you ever watched Inside Out? If yes, what are your thoughts about it?

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