Repost: Decide What You Really Need to Change

Planning out New Year’s Resolutions? Read this to ensure that you’re working on the stuff that really matters!

Before New Years Resolutions, Decide What You Really Need to Change

This post rang true to me. I wrote my January goals, made weekly plannars, got a calendar, and yet I still feel overwhelmed and distraught.

I haven’t been doing much of my resolutions or goals, because in order to do them, I can’t give my son the attention he needs, so he is becoming clingy. I think in my pursuit to become a better writer I forgot that my priority is my son and husband. Maybe I resented it even. But being a mom is what inspires me. Interacting with people is my muse. I met my new neighbor today, unofficially. It was so awkward. I think I may be giving off anti-social vibes, but to me, other people are either too closed in on themselves or too open and pushy.

I hope I get to know my new neighbor. It’s sad that I don’t know my other neighbors. My husband isn’t social and I’m socially awkward. I really want to get over this and have mom friends and neighbor friends like normal people.

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