Life is like a game of snakes and ladders

Every time I play 🐍 snakes and ladders with my son, I think of this.

For those who don’t kniw what snakes and ladders is, it’s a board game that you play with dice and you can go up ladders and down snakes of various sizes. The bigger the ladder, the farther you go, the bigger the snake, the longer it takes you to go forward. It’s basically a game of luck. Whatever you get on the dice, you move. Whoever reaches 100 1st wins.

Some people, like me, feel happiness everytime they go up a ladder, no matter how small, and disappointment everytime they go down a snake, no matter how small.

Other people, like my son, are disappointed by small ladders because they have their eyes set on the biggest ladder because they want to win quickly, and are terrified of the giant snake.

Some people, like me, will forget to have fun while playing, because they take the game too seriously.

Other people, like my son, enjoy being silly throughout the game.

Some people, like me, refuse to cheat, and won’t let others cheat (but I do let a few things slide for my 5 year old because of our age difference).

Other people, like my son, will keep trying to cheat because they’ll do whatever it takes to win. If they get a number on the dice that will get them into the snake, they will demand to roll again, claim they weren’t paying attention, and say whatever just to avoid going down the snake.

Some people, like me, don’t really care if they win or lose because the purpose of the game was to spend time with their loved one(s).

Other people, like my son, are sore losers (will cry if they lose and demand a rematch) and obnoxious winners (will rub it in your face and do a happy dance).

This game reminds me of life because ladders are like opportunities, snakes are like obstacles, and the dice is like fate, or the cards you have been dealt. You can’t control which number you’ll get. The only difference is that every ladder is a win and every snake is a loss and when you reach 100, you’re on your deathbed, and it won’t matter if the other players reached 100 before you because you are racing against time, against yourself, against all odds, and it won’t matter how manny ladders you went up or how many snakes you went down. All that will matter is who you spent time with and your attitude when you lost and when you won. It won’t matter how many times you fell but how you got up after falling, whether you gave up or not, and how much kindness you spread along the way.

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