Mindfulness vs. Productivity

Mindfulness is not the counterpart of productivity. However, I find it difficult to be both mindful and productive. I made 20 goals for January 2021 (I know they’re too many but I found it difficult to narrow them down) and every week I assess how well I’m doing at working towards my daily (things I want to do daily) and weekly (things I want to do a certain number of times per week) goals.

During the 1st week of January, I followed each goal in a different percentage, and at the end of the week, I circled the ones I needed to focus on during the 2nd week of January. The end of the week came and I knew I didn’t focus as much as I should have. Out of the 5 daily tasks I was supposed to be focusing on (there are 10 daily goals), I only improved in 2 (spending more time with my son and reaching out to friends more). I fell back in 6 of these 10 habits and I have no excuse. However, on average, I slightly improved in my daily goals from 61.6 to 61.9%

When it came to my 6 weekly goals, at the end of last week, I circled 4 to focus on, but surprisingly I fell back in the other 2 and remained stagnant in these 4. Overall, my progress for my weekly goals went from 66.3 to 50.8%

If you’re not into numbers, you’ll find this very confusing, especially since you don’t know what my goals are (I’m keeping them private on purpose) except for the 2 that I just told you. I didn’t even tell you about my 4 monthly goals (that I must do once this month at least) which I only did 1 of this week.

So obviously, I’m not writing these to brag because I didn’t do well, nor to humiliate myself, even if it seems I’m doing just that.

What am I telling you this for?

The thing is: I get hung up on my goals sometimes that I forget to be mindful. I get stressed out, pushing to finish my tasks, even if they involve tasks that I must be mindful in, like meditation. When I do try to step back from the mentality of “I’m as worthy as I am productive” and try to be mindful, I end up being less productive, because 20 goals are a lot and I won’t get them done while taking my time.

I also keep wasting time scrolling through instagram for hours and watching This is us

My takeaway from this post is that it’s important to be productive rather than lazy but it’s also important to be mindful and not stress too much about how much you get done. That’s what I’m trying to do, though I must tell you I was very disappointed in myself when I 1st calculated my results. However, I’m proud of myself for spending more time with my son and for texting my friends more. If anything, this is a reminder to refocus on my goals. Maybe this week I’ll focus on 3 instead of 9.

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