Brave (a poem)

Good morning and hello 👋 reader! How are you doing today?

I woke up at dawn, turned my wifi on (bad habit, I know) and got a notification from Mirakee app to write a creative piece using the word Brave. I just couldn’t resist! If you like writing, I suggest Mirakee app. It really helps spark your creativity. You can read a lot of writers work and the Mirakee assisstant even gives you ideas of what to write about. They also suggest a word of the day everyday as a challenge, like today it was brave.

My creative pieces usually come out in poems but not always. Anyway, enjoy this poem I just wrote on Mirakee:

My take on bravery

I think bravery is a great quality. However, a lot of people misunderstand the meaning of the word. They say put on a brave face, and don’t be scared, but bravery is not the absence of fear. It’s facing your fears head on,

Whether that is talking about your feelings instead of bottling them up,

Or going soul searching instead of numbing yourself with entertainment so you don’t get to the root of your issues,

Or speaking up for yourself instead of letting people use you,

Or letting go of toxic friends rather than staying with them for old times sake (I’m working on this one),

Or going after your dreams even though you might fail.

To me, the biggest battle of all is battling the demons in my mind. The voices that convince me that I’m not fit to be a mother, that nobody loves me, that I have no friends, that I’m not a good enough writer, etc.

I’ve had undiagnosed anxiety for 9 years, and undiagnosed post partum depression 6 years ago (it’s gone now). That’s when I realized I had those anyway. I could have had the anxiety for longer but just didn’t know it. But I’m not defined by my anxiety. I don’t let it rule my life. Meditation and exercise help me a lot. So does practicing gratitude, reading and writing.

Pandemic and quarantine aside, I put myself out there, maybe not enough. I try so hard, maybe not hard enough. Oops! Here come the thoughts again. But guess what? I’m brave enough to tell them:

Good day, and don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

Good night 😴 migraine incoming. I slept at 1am last night and woke up at 5am to pray. I’m going back to sleep. I need my energy for my son’s online learning session.

Now be brave and tell me how you really are doing (in the comments)

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