Storytime: I’m fine


Absolutely nobody:

Me: In case you’re wondering how my day is going, I just broke down into tears an hour ago during my son’s French class because the teacher asked him a question in French, he froze, and I kept telling him to answer, and the teacher could hear me, and he kept looking at me for answers and I kept telling him that I had no idea what she was saying, and she could hear me. What’s more is that after I broke down into tears, my 5 year old asked me to stop crying, while he was hugging me, and told me he needed to focus on class. So I told him to go focus on class and I continued crying. Then a minute later, he left class to get me a tissue. This stopped me from crying for a minute. A few minutes later, he came and told me that the teacher was talking in French and he couldn’t understand what she was saying. I told him to tell her that he couldn’t understand but he was too shy to do so. So I had to tell the teacher in front of the whole class that my son couldn’t understand what she was saying and I don’t understand French so I can’t help him. So she ended up repeating each sentence in English, which in my opinion she should have been doing from the beginning, just for my son. My son however, kept drifting off and not paying attention and she had to ask him several times if he understood her before she got a response.

So here’s the thing

My son is bored of online learning. I’m frustrated from my son not paying attention in classes, then floundering like a fish out of water when the teacher asks him a question. He does answer correctly more than half the time but I’m a perfectionist. So what am I going to do now?

I’m going to eat a big bag of chips while watching This is us

Because #selfcare

6 responses to “Storytime: I’m fine”

  1. I am in exactly same situation as this, looks like its same all over the world

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    1. Omg yes! As much as I appreciate the effort the teachers are making in order to educate these kids, it’s hard to maintain a 5 year olds attention over the course of a few hours. Hang in there. My son is in kindergarten. I’m worried about next year if he has to do 1st grade online. I hope not.

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      1. Hope so at least for the younger ones they just can’t connect to it

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  2. I adore your blog and love the honesty with which you approach each lost.

    This one in particular is so relatable, though I don’t have children of my own I am a full-time carer for a family member and often I am the one who is on my online calls for classes at University and am so tired/exhausted from caring that I cannot engage fully with what I’m supposed to be learning.

    There are days when it feels like everything is insurmountable, then there are days where I feel pragmatic and hopeful. I just keep trying because that’s all there really is too it.

    Self care is essential and I’m glad you are making the time for you as well as everyone else in your life.


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    1. Thank you! Best of luck in your online classes. As I say, take it day by day. Some days are better than others and today was one of the off days. This is Us is helping me a lot.

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  3. […] poem was written as a response piece to a blog post ‘Storytime: I’m fine’ written on one of my favourite blogs ‘My Rollercoaster Journey’. I love reading the posts on […]

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