Hello πŸ‘‹ reader and welcome to my blog!

Today I thought I’d share some designs I made on canva (an application). The purpose of me making these designs was to uplift myself and others. I tried putting them on instagram but they didn’t get much hype. However, making them helped with my mood (which wasn’t so great yesterday and definitely not great today).

I have a lot to do but I don’t feel like doing anything. So I’m writing to motivate myself and you to just maybe calm down and be more mindful.

I read motivational quotes all the time, but I noticed the pretty ones make me feel better, so it’s not just about the words, but the colors and shapes. I see these things on pinterest and instagram all the time and with a bit of encouragement from a dear friend, I started making them myself. I still need much improvement as I almost always start with a template, but I hope these images and words helps brighten πŸ”† up your Monday!

Did you like these designs?

Did the words have a bigger effect because of the designs?

How did this post make you feel?

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