Poetry Friday: Symbolism

Hello 👋 reader and welcome to my blog! Today I’m writing a post that was a prompt on the app Mirakee 2 days ago. I sang it to my son when I wrote it and he said “you wrote this all by yourself?! You’re really good at writing poems” so needless to say I’m flattered. It’s not easy to get a compliment out of that kid.*

So here is my poem about symbolism

This was the promt in case you want to write a poem about symbolism

*My son also complimented me today when I made him crepes with strawberry on the side. He said “I love how you designed the strawberries. Did you find the design on pinterest?” I said “no, I just made it up” and honestly that’s all the validation I need. However, now I wish I had taken a picture (I forgot) so I could pin it on pinterest (I’ve never been a pinterest mom but that was a really nice compliment).

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