Transformation Tuesday: I started a Social Media Detox Challenge

Hello and welcome to my blog! I just started a social media detox challenge today and it’s harder than I thought.

I started a social media detox challenge today!

Basically I started with instagram because I’m mainly on instagram and whatsapp but whatsapp is how I communicate with my family and friends so I don’t consider it social media. I rarely go on Facebook and I only use Twitter to share my blogs.

The thing is, I need instagram to promote my blogs and books but usually I’m just scrolling on instagram aimlessly and I end up wasting a lot of time. Hence the need for a detox.

The challenge today is to keep my instagram use below the 1 hour mark
I used yourhour app to help me limit my instagram time

My 1st phone was a Nokia. I didn’t even have social media back then. I think I 1st began on Facebook when I was 17 and I’d upload tons of albums. A few years later, I took them all down because I realized people could (and were) save my images onto their phones and computers and share them with whoever.

I started instagram in 2012, I think. I’m not sure. My relationship with instagram is topsy turvy. I’d install then delete and sometimes temporarily activate my account.

Then I started my blog in 2017 and it diverted me away from social media a bit because I found my own crowd. I found a way to express my voice, but my need for validation from likes on instagram is something I still struggle with on and off.

I post on instagram to share, but when I get few likes, I feel hurt, and then I delete the post. I wish I wasn’t like this. This is why I’m doing the social media detox challenge. The less time I spend on social media, the less it affects me negatively.

Social media is known to trigger anxiety and depression and I don’t need more of that! Hopefully this challenge will help me to focus on what I have and to be more grateful for it.

I have a couple of good friends on instagram and mainly I follow pages that promote positivity and gratitude. It’s also linked to my blog. That’s why I can’t get rid of instagram altogether, but it’ll be good for my mental health to control how much time I spend on it.

After all, my word for this year is self control.

I spent 7 hours on instagram last week (that’s an average of an hour a day)

Update at 9pm:

I did it!

35 minutes of instagram by 9pm

Would you like me to make a post when I finish the 21 day social media detox challenge?

How often do you do a social media detox?

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