Wednesday Wisdom: A lesson in tolerance

Tolerance is letting the flower grow instead of plucking it as if it were a weed

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It’s funny how I’m giving a lesson in tolerance when I need one. I’m going to be honest here. I’m not a very tolerant person with my loved ones. I’m very high maintenance and I don’t know why. I think they are the same way with me.

I don’t accept mistakes repeating. However, I repeat many mistakes. But I’m working on it. I’m working on a lot of things to be honest. It’s almost as if I’m trying to build a new person.

So this post is actually for me, and for you if you have problems tolerating other people. I think being at home with just my son has really dragged my people skills. I’m too irate and blunt and intolerant of certain behaviors. I think it’s a defense mechanism because my loved ones are like that with me. They impose their opinions on me as if they’re facts. My boundaries are pushed all the time. I push boundaries too sometimes, I guess, with them.

So here it is…

A lesson in tolerance

Tolerance can be defined as a fair and objective attitude towards others whose beliefs and lifestyles are different than that which you are experiencing.

Tolerance can be felt at many different levels, including the personal, community, state, and national levels. This post is about tolerance on a personal level.

Tolerance is an important concept that helps people to live together peacefully. To be tolerant means that you accept other people’s opinions and preferences, even when they live in a way that you don’t agree with.

Talking together about tolerance and respect with our kids helps them learn more about the values you want them to have. Giving them opportunities to play and work with others is important as well. This lets kids learn firsthand that everyone has something to contribute and to experience differences and similarities.

Here are a few tips that can help you be more tolerant:

1. Listen carefully without jumping to conclusions.

2. Try to understand the other persons point of view.

3. Agree to disagree.

4. Meditate

5. Be patient. Don’t react impulsively.

6. Reverse roles. Put yourself in the other persons shoes.

7. Focus on what you can control.

Lack of tolerance leads to fighting, violence, and finally it destroys the peace and security. The word tolerance means the willingness to accept or to tolerate, especially opinions or behaviour you may not agree with, or to behave sensibly with those who are not like you.

Intolerant people are afraid of anything that’s different.

It makes it hard for them to accept that other people might have different philosophies and perspectives. So they distance themselves from anything that doesn’t line up with their way of thinking. They won’t accept it. It may even make them feel anxious.

A story I found about tolerance

I hope you enjoyed this post. I hope you also understood that what I meant by a lack of tolerance had nothing to do with tolerance of other religions and races and such. I meant tolerance of other people’s temperaments, people who I deal with regularly, namely my husband and son.

I feel awful that I can’t just let things go. I get upset over tiny behaviors and simple words spoken as a joke. I hope one day I become more tolerant. Hopefully my son will teach me. I’m learning a lot from him, like patience.

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