Transformation Tuesday: My self improvement journey from 2016

Hello and welcome to my blog! It has been some rollercoaster, this self improvement journey I’ve been on since 2016. Sometimes I feel like I’ve learned a lot and matured so much, but mostly, I feel just the same.

So what has changed from 2016 till 2021?

I’m still struggling with my negative thoughts, anxiety, my temper, etc.

Am I the parent I wanted to be? No

I yell a lot…

But I apologize a lot too.

I cry a lot…

But I smile a lot too.

I need a lot of alone time…

But I spend a lot more time with my son too.

I still have anxiety…

But I’ve developed some coping mechanisms, like coloring, meditation, yoga, exercise, drinking water, deep breathes, learning how to vent instead of complain, etc.

Today I’ll share with you the results of a self-improvement quiz I did on in 2016. I tried to do the quiz again a week ago but the quizzes have changed so much that I can’t do the same exact quiz anymore. Nonetheless, here are the results from 2016:

  • Personal mastery 6/10: I need to learn to deal with negative thinking and improve my self-confidence.
  • Time management 18/20
  • Communication skills 11/15: I need to practice active listening and learn conflict resolution.
  • Problem solving and decision making 7/15: I need to learn root cause analysis
  • Leadership and management 11/15: I need to learn how to motivate people effectively.

I’m not very good at judging myself, but I believe I still struggle with negative thinking but now I realize when I’m doing it.

I recently did a self-confidence challenge and that helped boost my self confidence but I still have a long way to go.

I believe my time management skills are a bit rusty. Reading from The 7 habits of highly effective people in December helped me but I need to go back to the book again. I just feel so overwhelmed right now that I keep pushing reading aside. I’m spending more time with my son and reading blogs and watching movies and tv shows instead.

I still have a problem actively listening because since the pandemic began a year ago, I haven’t had much practice.

I read the book Crucial Confrontations a year ago and it helped me with conflict resolution but I think I need to reread it to fully implement the teachings. I still go into fight or flight mode when conflict arises and I still get all caught up with the story in my head.

My husband seems to think I’m too scared to make decisions. I’m not. I’m scared of being too impulsive and making the wrong decision because I didn’t think things through and I’m also scared of being blamed for making the wrong decision.

I don’t know how well I’m doing at motivating people. Only those who read my blogs and deal with me personally can judge my motivation skills.

I took a rate my life quiz today, because I was feeling sad because I see all these posts of people going out and about on instagram and I’m stuck at home for several reasons, one of which is COVID-19, another is because my son has his online classes in the afternoon, and also because my husband is a homebody and rarely ever takes us out.

Anyway, I did the quiz because deep down I know I lead a good life and I’m very blessed and I shouldn’t compare my life to others and I needed a reminder of my blessings. Here is what I got:

All in all, everything is going fine but my mind, finances and health need some attention and socially I’m a hermit*

Have you ever done a self assessment?

Do you assess your life every few years?

*Hermit: A recluse; someone who lives alone and shuns human companionship. (ironic because I crave human connection yet find it overwhelming at the same time)

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