Motivational Monday: Give yourself credit

Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Why do you downplay your achievements?

Be proud of yourself!

Celebrate your milestones!

Own your strengths!

Be proud of yourself for how far you have come!

A lot of women, especially moms, don’t take enough credit for the things they do, like taking care of a household, preparing meals, raising kids, etc.

All the time and energy and sacrifices. Add to that balancing a job with the mix for some.

Whether you’re thriving, surviving, or hanging by a thread, take credit for all the amazing things you do.

I am my biggest critic but I’m learning to be my biggest fan, too, because if I don’t cheer myself on, no one else will.

So today I take credit for thriving in the middle of a pandemic and raising my son while also dealing with personal problems.

I have cried 4 times today, so far, but I wiped my tears and went on with my day because I have a responsibility towards my son and towards myself. I will keep praying until God answers my prayers and in the meantime, I will not make myself small so that other people can feel big.

What will you give yourself credit for today?

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