Poetry Friday: Peace of mind

I’m always wondering about tomorrow

Or I’m hung up on yesterday

Give me peace of mind to borrow

So I can enjoy my today

I’ve always been a bit erratic*

But quarantine has got me bad

I have some days where I’m ecstatic**

And other days where I’m just sad

I get these thoughts, I’m sure they’re crazy

But they make me feel so down

It’s like people are out to haze me

Or they’re trying to drive me mad

Does it say I am a doormat?

On my forehead all in caps***

Did someone tape when I wasn’t looking

A kick me sign on my back?

They say you attract

What you think about

And my mind has been full

Of negative thoughts on redbull

So if this is a test

I will try to manifest

Inner peace and harmony

These thoughts won’t get the best of me

I will quit the attitude

Send a message of gratitude

Out in the open

It’ll come back in magnitude

I will live in the moment

And focus on my goals

My fears and insecurities

Will hold me back no more

Today I’ll find

A peace of mind

Despite the chaos around me

My peace will be restored

*erratic means unsteady, random; prone to unexpected changes; not consistent

**ecstatic means extremely happy

***caps means caps lock, as in UPPERCASE LETTERS for emphasis

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