I did a 21 day happiness challenge

Hello and welcome to my blog! Yesterday I finished a 21 day happiness challenge and I’m telling you, I’m loving these challenges! They are really helping me with my self esteem and they are a creative way of self care for me.

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My 21 day happiness challenge

Day 1

Listen to your favorite song. I listened to “All night by R5”

A little bit of love will change your life
She said I’m outta my head, I’m going outta my mind
And when I’m out on the edge will you save me, save me
Can we live for the moment, can you live for tonight
Can we forget what was broken and say say say we’ll be
All right
‘Cause even if we change we’ll always be the same
All night
I promise if you stay we’ll never fade away
All night

All night by R5

Day 2

Spend less time on your phone.

I was doing the social media detox simultaneously so this wasn’t so hard.

Day 3


I was really struggling to motivate myself that day and this was the motivation I needed.

Day 4

Cook the dinner.

In Lebanon, lunch is dinner and dinner is lunch, so I made a peanut butter and chocolate spread sandwich.

Day 5

Hug someone you love.

This was harder than you’d think. I’m a hugger, but hello! We’re in the middle of a pandemic. I’m not seeing any friends and I’m not hugging any of my family, except for my husband and son who live with me. My husband was in a “don’t hug me” mood so I only got to hug my son.

Day 6

Watch a funny movie.

I did this on day 7 because day 6 my son was attached to my hip and the movie I wanted to watch was on my laptop and the speakers are ruined on my laptop so I had to use my earphones and it’s not good for kids to use earphones (so I’ve heard).

Day 7

Call a friend.

Done on day 14. I called a friend of mine who lives abroad and we talked for 2 hours! We hadn’t talked in 2 months!

Day 8

Dance like nobody’s watching.

I did this on day 9 because on day 8 I wasn’t able to. I danced to Boom Boom by Justice crew

Day 9

Go out into nature and be an explorer for a day.

I live in the city and the only park in my area is closed due to COVID-19, but on day 18, I took a walk with my son and looked at spring flowers.

Day 10

Buy a gift for someone you love.

I didn’t leave the house that day so I couldn’t do it, but I came back to it on day 21. I bought a toothbrush for my husband. I know that sounds like nothing, but gifts don’t have to be grand gestures. I saw he needed a new tooth brush and surprised him with it when he was out. I knew he would go ages with the old toothbrush if I didn’t.

Day 11

Try yoga.

I hadn’t done yoga in a while, but I did it that day. It felt good. I should do yoga more often.

Day 12

Go to bed and wake up early.

I went to bed at 10:30pm the night before (as opposed to my usual midnight sleeping) and I woke up at 8am (instead of 9am).

Day 13

Read something inspiring.

I read from chapter 4 of The 7 habits of highly effective people and also from What are you optimistic about about how technology is bringing people together through blogs.

Day 14

Meditate for 10 min.

Done. I’ve been meditating 3 times a week all month this month. Try Serenity app for free guided meditations.

Day 15

Plan a future vacation.

Does dreaming about going to Turkey and booking an airbnb count?

Day 16

Try a new recipe or cook your favorite meal.

I cooked one of my favorite meals, okra, on day 17.

Day 17

Watch the sunset.

I did this on day 18. It was windy and foggy and the sun was barely visible but I saw it. I also watch the sunset often but this was a good reminder as I don’t do it everyday.

Day 18

Connect with an old friend.

I didnt know who to talk to. Several university friends came to mind. I picked one of them and texted her. She texted back. It was nice.

Day 19

Tell people how much they mean to you.

I wrote a blog post to you, my readers.

Day 20

Try something new.

I made a business account on pinterest for my author page on Amazon. It’s still empty of pins though. I still have a lot of work to do.

Day 21

Go for a walk outside.

It was raining yesterday but I did it anyway. I went at a time that it wasn’t raining, but it was cold and windy. I basically went to the supermarket and back.

The whole point of this challenge was to do things that made me happy, by focusing on things within my circle of influence. Circumstances aren’t great in Lebanon at the moment, and as helpless as I feel towards the economic and political situation, I can’t let this all drag me down into depression.

I hope things get better soon in Lebanon and in the whole world. So many other countries are struggling with poverty and war and famine and other things. I hope to be the change I wish to see in the world and I can’t be that change if I’m drowning in depression.

To do this challenge, go to: https://21dayschallengeapp.com/app/challenge


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