Motivational Monday: How to spruce up your mornings

Hello and welcome to my blog! I finished a 21 day challenge for morning routines today. I really enjoyed it. Half the things I did during the day, not necessarily in the morning, and I didn’t do them all in order. Some things, like making my bed and tidying up, were already things I did everyday in the morning.

I don’t exactly have a set in stone morning routine (I should have one) and some days I’m super productive, while others I’m super lazy, or tired. I did this challenge in order to add more structure to my mornings and increase my productivity. I was also hoping it would help my mental health. Some of the activities did.

21 days to a better morning

Day 1

Listen to your favorite music playlist to put you in a good mood in the morning. I listened to an upbeat song.

Day 2

Write a morning gratitude list. I did, in my notes.

Day 3

Do some stretching after you wake up. I did. It helped a lot.

Day 4

Make yourself a healthy, delicious and energetic breakfast. Oh boy was this hard. I really struggle to eat healthy breakfast because I always wake up in a hurry to get things done and I’m too lazy to prepare anything. I wish I had a personal chef.

Day 5

Write a to-do list for today. I do this everyday, except on Saturday and Sunday.

Day 6

Connect with your family and friends or send a simple good morning text to someone you love. I sent a good morning text to a friend, and also spent some time with family.

Day 7

Journal, paint, play an instrument…do something that fuels your creativity. I painted tulips, the sun, and a blue sky.

Day 8

Write 5 things you’re proud of yourself for. I did. It wasn’t easy because I’m my number one critic, but I’m learning to be my number one fan too.

Day 9

Meditate for 15 minutes. I meditated for 5 minutes. Meditation is hard for me, okay! I can’t sit still.

Day 10

Drink a glass of water before breakfast. I take a drink of water before breakfast. I think that day I took 3 drinks. I measured my water intake last month and turns out I drink about 0.5L of water a day, sometimes less (this is pure water, not counting the water in my tea, green tea and coffee).

Day 11

Open your windows for fresh air and let some sunshine in. I do that almost everyday, but sometimes I forget, so this was a good reminder.

Day 12

Take a walk or do a home workout session. I did both.

Day 13

Read a chapter of your favorite book. I don’t have a favorite book, so I read a chapter from the book I’m currently reading.

Day 14

15 minutes of yoga. Honestly, I did 9 minutes.

Day 15

Listen to a podcast or audiobook while you’re getting ready. I’m not going anywhere so I’m not getting ready but I listened to a podcast while doing dishes and making my coffee.

Day 16

Go outside and just breath the fresh morning air. This was harder than I thought it would be. I’ve come so accustomed to staying home that the thought of stepping onto my balcony doesn’t even occur to me.

Day 17

Make a list of 3 things to do for the day. I usually circle my top 3 tasks of the day in the morning.

Day 18

Avoid checking morning news and social media. This was a bit difficult to do but I started listening to podcasts as soon as I wake up so that I don’t open social media.

Day 19

Make your bed and tidy up your space to feel more productive. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I already do this everyday.

Day 20

Choose an affirmation to guide your day (for example: ‘today is a great day’, ‘I feel wonderful and alive’,…). I chose: I give thanks in every moment.

Day 21

Take a shower and get ready even if you’re not going anywhere. I did this in the evening because I had a long busy day and it’s hard to squeeze in shower time as a mom. I either wait for my husband to come home or occupy my son with screentime while I shower so he doesn’t get scared or into mischief alone (one time the tv fell on his leg while I was in the bathroom because he was climbing. Luckily, his leg didn’t break).

To do this challenge, go to:

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  1. Omg these are great – my favourite is a gratitude list!

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