Read the 1st chapter of my 1st novella FOR FREE!

Hello and welcome to my blog! How are you doing? I know I’m really bad at self promotion but recently, I published a new book where I gathered my top 13 viewed blog posts and spruced them up and published them as a kindle ebook. I remember I wrote a post about it.

Anyway, a few days ago, I go into the kdp website, and bam! A new feature called kindle vella series is up, where if you have a story for a novel but you’re not quite done with it, you can post one chapter at a time.

So I don’t know if you know this, but 9 months ago, I took a 3 day creative writing course (I mentioned it in my blogs somewhere) and it sparked my creativity and ever since, I had an idea for a novel.

It took me a month to write the outline for the novel and even longer to write the 1st chapter. I struggled because I’ve never written a novel before, and also being at home with my son in the middle of a pandemic isn’t ideal for a writer. Writers need solitude, like a cabin in the woods or a house on the beach kind of solitude.

Anyway, I did manage to publish 3 poetry books (oh yeah, I forgot to promote my new poetry book “Determination and other poems”. I merely mentioned it in a wordpress story when I published it but it’s not available for buying now anyway because I just enrolled it in kdp select) and 4 mini biography booklets, a self reflection workbook, and the top 13 blog posts booklet.

Ok so this is my author page on Amazon.

You will only find 8 of my books there, because the other 5 are enrolled in kdp select, including my newest book. This means that they’re available for free to anyone who has kindle unlimited (10$/month subscription). I totally recommend this if you can enroll in kindle unlimited because it gives you the chance to read as much as you like of my books that are enrolled. You can also give me feedback on what you think of my books. I once read that a book is not complete until it’s read, so I need your feedback.

I’m working on having a paperback version available for all my books for those who prefer to read the book as a book and not as an ebook.

I only wrote 1 chapter so I submitted it and I’m waiting for your reviews on Amazon so I can move forward and continue writing this novel after Ramadan.

However, kindle vella is still in beta mode, so they’re not available yet.

Kindle Vella stories will be available to readers in the US in the coming months through the Kindle app for iOS and on

It’s called “Tony and Sandra: A story of love, loss, and healing”

So far I know you’re supposed to buy tokens to read chapters but the 1st few chapters are for free!

Worst promo ever, I know. In conclusion, check out my books on amazon and if you order a paperback, let me know what you think. Send me pictures of the book please (I also want to know what you think of the books if you read the Kindle version). I may use those pictures as promotion on instagram. If you have kindle unlimited, check out my books Life after Freedom ends, Determination and other poems, Growing up between USA and Lebanon, Heart on my sleeve and other poems, and Motherhood in poems. If you don’t, sign up here for kindle unlimited.

I also realized many fellow bloggers have published new books, so I want to pay it forward and spread the word about their books and encourage you to check them out.

Journeyman’s Legacy published a book called Relationship Reflections

How to teach a difficult child published 3 books about life reflections and poetry.

From famine to feast recently published a book about eating disorders.

In this day and age, there is an infinity of books to read, movies to watch, podcasts to listen to, and blogs to read, so thank you for taking the time and choosing my blog.

This is my podcast My Rollercoaster Journey.

And you already know where to find my books.


9 responses to “Read the 1st chapter of my 1st novella FOR FREE!”

  1. This is awesome! Congratulations!

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      1. 👏👏🌷

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  2. Hey! Just reaching out to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award. Congratulations 👏👏. * If your site is award-free, I completely understand and just want you to know that I truly admire your work.❤️

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    1. Thank you so much. My site is not award free. I will write a post accepting my nomination as soon as possible. I just have some ramadan series posts to work on 1st.

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      1. Thankyou , your blog is very deserving for all the knowledge and experience you share.

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  3. […] I wrote a whole outline for a novel, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to write it. When kindlevella was announced as a beta on Amazon, I got excited and wrote 2 more scenes and published the 1st chapter of my 1st novella (since […]


  4. […] I wrote a whole outline for a novel, but for some reason couldn’t bring myself to write it. When kindlevella was announced as a beta on Amazon, I got excited and wrote 2 more scenes and published the 1st chapter of my 1st novella (since […]


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