Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to the new month, new challenge series. I have 2 missed challenges (day 10 and day 13) which I will get to later but otherwise, I’m all caught up.

Today’s challenge is:

Call someone special.

Do this challenge with me: https://21dayschallengeapp.com/app/challenge

I immediately thought of a dear friend who I used to call every Friday until she got a full time job. Now we barely talk once a month. I decided to see if she is free to phone call today. Fingers crossed. But 1st, I need to wake up my 6 year old and make sure he has his breakfast before 10 am.

Update: I called this friend and was able to talk for 95 minutes. I had to hang up because my son has online classes in 10 minutes. It was a very pleasant phone call.

Who are you going to call today?