I finally finished the No Junk Food Challenge

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you know me by now, you know I have a sweet tooth. I started this challenge a few days before Ramadan because I noticed I had become addicted to sugar, and what better way to reset my diet than dueing the month when I can’t snack during the day?!

It was hard, I tell you. It took me 30 days to do this 21 day challenge, and there is still one of the challenges that I wasn’t able to do (read along to find out which one).

The 21 day no junk food challenge:

Day 1

Try to include more vegetables in your meals today (I’m starting soft with you).

I ate tomatoes and lettuce with my burger today. I also didn’t eat any packaged junk food or cake or bagels.

Day 2

No chocolate today (and eat some nuts to have energy!)

I had no chocolate, not even chocolate spread. I had 1 piece of almond tart with apricot jam on top, but otherwise, no sweets.

Day 3

No white bread (you can eat whole grain bread but only one! Don’t abuse!)

I had some chocolate cake in the morning with my coffee. Then a few hours later, I had half a chocolate spread sandwich of oat bread. Later on in the afternoon, I had 1 oat bread sandwich of chocolate spread. In the evening, I had some plain cookies and then an orange.

Day 4

No cookies or cake (replace with fruit, it’s so much better, am I right?)

I had peanut butter and chocolate spread toast for suhour (I found that when I can’t have 1 junk food, I replace it with another) and some oat bread with labne and low fat cheese. I also had some cucumber and tomato. I drank tea instead of coffee. After iftar, I had barazi which I hope don’t count as cookies.

Day 5

No pasta (remember to not eat spaghetti to forgetti your regretti).

This was so hard but I did it. I read no pasta and all I could think about was pasta. Spagetti. Fettuccine. Noodles.

Day 6

No alcohol (just water!)

Haha no problem. I don’t drink anyway because it’s prohibited in Islam. Besides, even if it wasn’t, I don’t find the idea of intoxication appealing.

Day 7

No potato chips (only apple or kale chips).

I rarely eat chips, but as soon as I read no chips, I remembered I have a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips, which I don’t even like, and suddenly I want it. Healthy eating is hard, but I can do this!

Day 8

No soda (water will be your best friend for today!)

I rarely ever drink soda anyway, so hopefully that won’t be a problem. I like how each day of this challenge focuses on one aspect of junk food at a time. I’m still eating oatmeal bread and drinking water. I only ate chocolate once in the past 4 days.

Day 9

No fast food (you can always make a healthy burguer at home).

No problem. I used to indulge in a burger every month or two, then the prices started going up. The meal at McDonald’s that used to cost 8,000LL now costs 29,000LL so no thank you. Last time I bought a burger meal was 6 months ago and it costed 21,000LL. Last time I had homemade burgers fried without oil in a Teflon pan was a week ago at my mom’s. They don’t even eat french fries. Just tomato, lettuce and ketchup with the burger.

Day 10

No processed meat (eat more fish or try vegetarian).

I ate chicken. That’s not processed, right?

Day 11

Try to go vegan all day (it’s easier than it said no, you don’t need to eat only lettuce all day).

I had a few no meat days during this challenge but on this particular day, I ate meat.

Day 12

No candy (eat some dates, it’s a natural candy).

Done. I actually went several days without candy.

Day 13

Replace potatoes with sweet potatoes (and believe me, they are sooo nice).

I just simply didn’t eat potatoes (I don’t like sweet potatoes).

Day 14

Drink 2L of water today.

I drank 1 L everyday for a week (I have a problem where I don’t drink enough water but I’m trying).

Day 15

No refined sugars.

Sorry, no can do. End of discussion. I can’t drink my tea or coffee without sugar (I replaced my coffee for tea for half of Ramadan by the way).

Day 16

No dairy today (goodbye acne).

I think there were 1 day where I didn’t have any dairy.

Day 17

Eat a lot of fruit (it’s delicious and the best natural sugar).

Define a lot of fruit? I don’t eat fruit everyday. I may go for weeks without a single fruit. So I ate some fruit a few days in a row.

Day 18

Eat more green foods (broccoli will be your friend today).

I had cucumbers today (May 18th), but I actually did eat salad several days during this challenge so I’m counting it as a win.

Day 19

Oatmeal for breakfast (it’s delicious and keeps you satisfied for hours).

I had oatmeal for suhour a few days before and a few days after.

Day 20

No meat today (it’s a great opportunity to try vegetarian food).

I had a veggie pizza for iftar with indomi noodles.

Day 21

Congratulations! You’ve passed the challenge (or I hope so). As reward you can eat a small piece of dark chocolate!

I didn’t reward myself with anything because I still had 5 undone days, 4 of which I planned to do later and now I’m done!

To do this challenge, go to: https://21dayschallengeapp.com/app/challenge

End result: This challenge didn’t curb my sugar cravings, but it did help me decrease my junk food intake to a certain extent, and I lost 6 pounds in the process!

Will you try this challenge?

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