Hello and welcome to my blog! Welcome to Throwback Thursday where I bring back a post from a year ago and share my current thoughts about it. A lot can change in a year. My writing style has changed and so have some of my thoughts.

For example, I now think it was vain of me to nominate myself for a blogger award. I also don’t like it when a blogger receives an award and doesn’t nominate anyone in specific. When I nominated myself, I went through a great deal of effort to choose my nominees and tag them. Most of them didn’t even respond.

I like the idea of blogging awards, and I especially enjoy the questions. I like answering questions, but coming up with my questions is much harder. I will mention only the questions from the award here today. I won’t repeat the nominees and links and such.

That one time I nominated myself for the Sunshine Blogger award:

I wish I’d be nominated for an award. I was nominated once, a while ago, and I kind of freaked out. I feel like I missed a golden opportunity. I feel like awards are a nice way to help other bloggers get discovered and to encourage them. I wish I knew how to create awards. Anyway, I just read a post by Betul, a fellow blogger, whose blogs I love. She was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Congrats Betul. And said she nominated anyone who would claim it, so since no one ever nominates me for an award, I think I’ll claim it. You should go check her blog. It is full of short stories and other interesting topics. Don’t miss out!

Betul’s questions:

1- What is a good morning like for you? When I wake up without an alarm, feeling light and non-zombie-like without heaviness in my heart. When I’m not in a rush and I can make my coffee, read Quran, and then a book, maybe even have enough energy to exercise.

2- What is your #1 stress-management strategy? Reading and writing. I’m talking about healthy strategies. Unhealthy strategies are snacking cookies and chocolate, and scrolling on instagram, and binge-watching tv series.

3- What do you value the most in a partner? Honesty and straightforwardness. I don’t like it when people beat around the bush and try to spin the truth or omit the truth.

4- What is your #1 hobby? Reading and writing. They are merged.

5- If you had enough money and time, what would you like to do the most? Travel the world.

6- What is the meaning of life for you? There is good and bad in the world. Good people were put on this Earth for a purpose. We each have a prophecy to fulfill, a message to send, and a difference to make. When you are working towards your purpose, then you are living. Otherwise, you just exist.

7- Who do you value the most in life? I think we all have value, and as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is love. But who could I not live without the most? It’s a tough pick between my parents, husband, and son.

8- Describe your life in three words. Mundane. Dramatic. Privileged.

9- Beaches or mountains? Both, but if I had to choose, beaches.

10-What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate fudge cake, brownies, chocolate chip cookies (I couldn’t pick one).

11-Which culture do you find most interesting? Malaysian. I’d like to go there someday.

My answers are still the same, except for the last question. I would pick Turkey, after having been to there 4 times. I would go 10 more times if I could.

My Questions:

1. Who is your hero?

2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

3. What is your biggest fear?

4. What was your favorite family vacation?

5. What would you change about yourself if you could?

6. What makes you angry?

7. Have You Ever Dined And Dashed At A Restaurant?

8. Would You Rather Have Endless Money Or Endless Love?

9. Have You Ever Been In A Car Accident — And was it your fault?

10. If You Could Star In A Movie, What Movie Would It Be?

11. What is the first thing you notice about a person?