Storytime: I cried today

I feel like I’m writing a war journal. God forbid this turns into a war. The 4 hours without electricity have extended to 15 hours without electricity. We don’t know for how long. Other areas have no electricity for days at a time. I fear if this gets worse, all the meat in the freezer will go bad. Must we salt our meat from now on? Or maybe we should go vegan.

Thankfully, we still have water. My parents haven’t had a single drop of water for days. Their motor is ruined.

Also, we are still able to turn the AC on in the few hours of electricity. My parents only have 5 Amperes so they can’t.

What really made me cry today was that there hasn’t been wifi since last night. I’m already having trouble coping with everything else, the expensive food that I can’t buy anymore, the lack of electricity, the fuel crisis. I have no idea how I’ll make it to my parents house tomorrow. There is a line as far as the eye can see from the gas station, people waiting to fill their tanks, but there is no benzene. If I stay home, I’ll go crazy. I need to see my family, maybe take a walk in the heat and try to breathe.

It’s almost September, so the heat will die down. There probably won’t be school, or maybe it will be online, but how? With no wifi nor electricity.

I have the urge to spend all my money, and go down with a bang. But I know I must save it, for difficult times lie ahead.

I’ve been up since 4 am. At 1st I sat on the balcony in the cool breeze, no electricity, and watched the sunrise.

Then I read Quran, then read from Rollerskates by Ruth Sawyer, and did some housework. Electricity came 8:22 am. I had been waiting for it, so I could read blogs, post a blog, post on Instagram and tiktok, but the wifi wasn’t working.

At 10 am, the electricity went again. Then it came at 2 pm. Still no wifi. During those 4 hours, I got a lot done, but I also cried, because my husband said the wifi problem will keep getting worse. This is awful. I can’t imagine how it will get worse. Ohhh.

At least we have food, right?

I have to wonder, though, whose fault is it? I’m not one to assign blame, but rather look for solutions.

The solution was to find jobs online, but how? No wifi. No electricity. I can’t even make designs on Canva to promote my books! Whenever there is wifi, it’s so slow it’s practically non-existent.

I don’t want to complain, but I need to let it out. Blogging is really important for me. It’s my outlet. If my wifi doesn’t come back, I’m going to have to go to a cafe that has wifi, and I’m going to have to buy something outrageously expensive, like I did last time (a few days ago, during my sons karate class, since there was no electricity at my house, I went to McDonald’s and bought a happy meal for 38,000 LL. It used to be 6,000 LL a year ago), just to be able to post this blog, and post on Instagram and tiktok.

If this situation persists, I’m getting internet on my phone. I used to have internet before on my phone, but 2 years ago, my husband discontinued it because he didn’t feel the need to pay for it when we were quarantining at home and we had unlimited wifi. The wifi we have now is limited and awful.

4 responses to “Storytime: I cried today”

  1. May God almighty help you get through these trying times. May supply you with alternatives for whatever is missing and keep you with your loved ones safe. 🙏🏾

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  2. I’m sorry you’re going through so much. Love, strength and light to you and your family.❤

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