What’s happening in Lebanon right now?

I was doing some housework when my husband wakes up. I’m in a good mood today, so I finish what I’m doing, and I decide to pause my housework to spend some time with him. But I keep hearing noises from the other room and the word explosion a lot. My husband likes to turn the news on as soon as he wakes up so that his already sour mood could be destroyed if you know what I mean. I’m more of a morning person, although when I stay up after dawn to prep for my son’s mornings in school, it kind of ruins my mornings for me, because my son is like my husband. He likes to sleep in, and he always wakes up in a bad mood.

Anyway, so I walk in dressed up anyway, and I hear this woman hiding behind a car, trying to film the scene, saying: I won’t say who is shooting who on-air, because I don’t want any repercussions. This woman, with fear in her voice, is afraid of being shot! There is the sound of gunshots I’m so used to hearing by now, but this time it’s continuous. I was really scared for the woman. Turns out, from what I understood, there was a protest in Beirut, which turned into a shootout, and the army had to pull up.

They’re still shooting, and people are wounded. Despite who they are, who gave them the guns and ammunition? Now I’m not an expert in politics, but something smells fishy here. The government seem to feed on people killing each other, and people seem stupid enough to fall for the trap.

Oh well. I now go on with my day, my mood turned sour, only exacerbated by a surprise visit that turned out to be a visit to brag. I’m just sipping on my tea. I couldn’t care less about the things some people brag about. It’s just petty, you know, given people are shooting each other, the dollar went up from 15,000 to 21,000 and everywhere you look, there is trash. My son is bothered about it. He said, “one day, I’m going to clean it all up”. I’m glad he still has the desire to do something about it. I swing between compliance and the desire to flee.

Oh, and don’t forget about covid. The Lebanese government, except for the schooling system, seems to have forgotten.

What’s going on where you live?

11 responses to “What’s happening in Lebanon right now?”

  1. I was reading about the situation in Lebanon this morning. Gosh, it’s so tragic and disturbing that you’re experiencing prices going up like crazy, and the pandemic, and this violent unrest. And meanwhile the government not caring at all as long as they keep getting rich. I heard the damage is still bad after the explosion last year…. Your son has such a good heart wanting to clean up the trash, But watching the news and even looking out the window must be really upsetting, for all of you. πŸ’”πŸ˜’πŸ˜”

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    1. Yeah…thankfully I live 2 hours away from where the explosion happened and things are relatively okay where I live security-wise, but my area is the poorest and most neglected area in all of Lebanon. However, Beirut is where most of the action happens. So despite everything, at least for now we are safe.


      1. That’s good to hear you’re not living in immediate danger. Beirut may be in the news a lot but its still difficult to be in the neglected areas. And the general turmoil can affect your mental health. I hope you have a good day despite it all β™‘

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  2. That sound so scary. I’m glad you’re in a safe area. Our prices are going up rapidly in the US, too.

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    1. It is. Thanks. I can tune it out sometimes, but the news seems to follow me, and besides, I need to know what is going on where I live so I’m not living under a rock. I just heard on the news that 6 civilians were killed and 30 injured in this shooting that lasted 5 hours! The prices going up is really sad and anxiety causing. My thoughts go out to all the poor and homeless people

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      1. Oh my! That’s so awful about the shooting. Yes, I feel so badly for people in need during with this inflation.

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  3. Nothing is permanent. Everything will be fine, surely it would take some time.πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸΌ

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    1. Thank you for your reassuring comment. This too shall pass.

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      1. Please find time to visit my blogs too.πŸ™‚

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