Self-reflection Sunday: Deep conversation topics parts 16-20

Hello and welcome to my blog! I realized I haven’t been very enthusiastic about the self-reflection Sunday posts lately and I’ve been answering the questions briefly. I’m not sure if the questions aren’t deep enough or if I’m not in the mood to answer. So I decided to keep answering the questions once a week but only post when it’s long enough, so I’m compiling several questions into one post.

Deep Conversation Topics:

16. What role does music play in culture?

Music is an expression of thoughts and feelings. I know music plays a major role in culture, as in each culture, there is a certain type of traditional music. It helps bond the people together, give them a sense of unity and belonging. It also helps you learn the language of that culture. For example, in Lebanon, the traditional music is Howara, and there is no Howara without a dabke dance.

17. Does language affect how we see the world?

Not really. I’m bilingual, so I speak both English and Arabic. I don’t understand the question, honestly. According to Google, the answer is yes, language affects our perception. Can someone explain this to me?

18. Do you think you could live in another country?

No way. I feel like I’ve grown so used to living in Lebanon that I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I do want to travel around the world, though, for vacations.

19. Which world culture is the most fascinating to you?

Turkish culture. It combines both eastern and western cultures. Their food is amazing, especially breakfast and dessert. The habit of drinking tea wherever. The clothing styles and colors they use, mainly for women. The beauty of their mosques have both the eastern and western touch.

20. Do you believe the way we dress affects how we think?

Yes, I do. The way you dress is part of your identity. Those who dress modestly think and act differently than those who don’t. People who wear dresses are usually more girly than those who wear sweatpants and hoodies. Leggings are for yogis and moms. People who dress fancy are usually sophisticated and care much about what people say. The way you dress says a lot about who you are.

2 responses to “Self-reflection Sunday: Deep conversation topics parts 16-20”

  1. I agree clothes do influence how we think because like you said, they are part of identity. I know I carry myself differently depending on whether I’m wearing an old stained t-shirt or a nice dress.
    Also those Turkish pastries are making me hungry!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Just saw it. It was in spam by accident. I love Turkish pastries, and I actually dress up when I’m feeling down and want to feel better. It helps!


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