What are your goals for November 2021?

Don’t laugh. I know it’s the middle of November and 2021 is almost over, but hear me out. I was going to write my goals for November but I kept procrastinating, then I realized why.

Every month, I write the exact same goals, and some months I track my goals, while others, like this month, I just write what I do on my to do list. I downloaded Habitbull again (I swear im not doing ads for apps but I use a lot of apps) and they won’t let me add more than 5 habits. They must be onto something, because my 20 goals seem overwhelming and I always tend to slack in one area or another.

My ultimate goal is balance. I feel out of sorts, like everything is out of control and im being pulled in several directions, and I want to feel zen. I know I can only feel that way if I balance my mind, soul and body.

However, attaining balance is a lot of hard work. I’m also trying to make a work-life balance, after dedicating so many years to being a stay-at-home mom, im making a shift towards becoming a work-from-home mom, but I can’t have a full-time or part-time job. The only thing that will work for me is a freelance job, and im still not there yet.

Here are the goals I have been writing down every month of this year:

Brush my hair 3 times a week (yes I forget to brush my hair if I don’t track my progress). Speaking of which, I really need to brush my hair today *writes it down on to do list at 6 pm*

Brush teeth daily. I often forget. I just wrote it down on my to do list as well. I used to brush my teeth 5 times a day before I got married. I guess staying at home a lot and getting married and having a kid lowers your standards, or maybe just mine.

Drink 1 Liter of water a day. Sometimes I achieve this, but I often forget to track how much water I drink. I read once that if you’re thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated.

Exercise or walk daily. I have been walking a lot. My goal is 6,000 steps a day. My average is 3,680.

As for exercise, this month I exercised 5 days a week, besides walking. I’m doing a leg challenge.

Shower 3 times a week. I haven’t been tracking this habit but I will start tracking it on habitbull.

Eat fruits or veggies daily. I’m really falling behind on this habit. It’s easier to track this habit in summer.

Type from novella once a week. I’m doing this more like once a month! I don’t know why my mind is resisting this story. I already know what’s going to happen. I just need to fill in the details. Every time I think of writing from my novella, I end up doing everything but that.

Make canva designs to promote books once a week. I’m also doing this once a month. I’m not getting very encouraged because barely anyone is seeing the posts and I keep forgetting to post them on Twitter. I even tried to do an ad on my author’s Instagram but for some reason, it didn’t work. They said it’s under review then they said it’s “not delivering”. Someone help, please.

Post on blog 5 days a week. I’m posting daily. Not tracking how often I post because WordPress tracks it for me. Honestly, the blog is the only area of my work in which im thriving, and I don’t even get paid for it. Maybe that’s why. I love writing on my blog for so many reasons. It’s the only place I can be myself completely.

Read blogs daily. For the most part, I do, unless im overwhelmed or getting migraines. I love reading what my fellow bloggers are up to and learning from them life hacks and blogging tips and other things. I even read art blogs, even though I know nothing about art but im learning a lot.

Read from a book daily. I’m so behind on this one, but only because im busy with my son and his studies. I suppose I’ll start reading something other than blogs when he has vacation. I have read several novels and some books this year, but not as much as I would like. My TBR list is tugging on my subconscious.

Pray duha 3 times a week. One the months in which I track my goals, I get this done. Otherwise, I forget. Duha is an extra prayer, only 2 rakaat, prayed between Fajr and Dhuhr and has great rewards.

Read Quran daily. On the days I read Quran, I feel generally more energetic, peaceful, and optimistic than on days in which I don’t read. I read at least 5 days a week.

Then there are my parenting goals which I don’t usually track. I just work on them and I know when im exasperated with my son, it means im not doing my parenting goals well.

There are also my social goals, which for a while I was working on and then stopped. They involve calling my siblings, parents, and grandparents and texting my friends. Most of the time, if I don’t write it down, I don’t get the motivation to do it. If someone texts me, I text back almost immediately and if someone calls me, I answer, unless im busy or sleeping or overwhelmed.

Finally, there are my marriage goals, which im working on as well. Some days im doing well. Other days, im drowning. There’s no in-between.

Which 5 goals do you think I should focus on with Habitbull?

I’m thinking of reading Quran, exercising, showering, brushing my hair, and brushing my teeth.

8 responses to “What are your goals for November 2021?”

  1. Focus on the five things most important to you

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    1. I feel like everything is important, but these 5 are essential I guess. Once they become ingrained habits that I don’t need to track anymore, I’ll focus on other things

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      1. I’m going to give you my tips. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, which I think is pretty accurate. However, don’t start all the things in the same week. Start with ine, like tooth brushing. Tie it into something else…you use the bathroom, you wash your hands, you brush your teeth. My the second week this will already start to be ingrained. Then add the next habit, and try to tie it into something you already do. Then the next week add the next habit. It’s a marathon not a sprint

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        1. I’ll try it that way. Thanks.

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  2. Trying to do too much doesn’t work. James Clear in atomic habits recommends working on one habit at a time. Form it then move onto the next. I often find slowing things down helps tremendously- it’s counter intuitive but it really helps prevent you from burning out.

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    1. I’m yet to read atomic habits. Great advice. I will try to slow down.


  3. I hope you are successful in achieving all these goals in November. 😄💟

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    1. Thanks. I hope so too. Just trying to be happy and healthy, making it up as I go.


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