5 apps I can’t live without!

I’m an app person. Those who know me or read my blogs know that. I’m always using one app or another. I’m big on productivity apps, reading apps, camera filters sometimes. I have 146 apps on my phone (I just counted).

They’re not all games and social media. In fact, only 8 of them are social media apps, and 13 of them are games. I have 15 google apps, 6 Microsoft apps, 14 Samsung apps, and 20 system apps that came with the phone.

I have 16 productivity apps, 4 reading apps, 5 podcast apps (I only listen to podcasts on one of them, music on another, and the rest are to track my own podcasts).

Only 3 of the apps are Islamic apps (Quran, Islamic Quotes, prayers). I have 6 apps to edit photos or make movie makers but I barely use them). 5 of my apps are for work (remember I’m trying to become a freelance writer. Key word is trying). I have 3 apps that are just there for fun, 7 random apps that I barely use but won’t delete like the dictionary, and 3 apps for writing, including WordPress.

The rest of the apps are for my son, like 12 wallpaper apps of different animals, 3 apps for his school in case they switch to online, and 3 educational apps like read to me stories and yoga and khan academy kids.

It’s easy to figure out which 5 apps I can’t live without because one of the productivity apps tracks my phone usage and let’s me know which apps I’m using too much. They even have curated fast app challenges that help me curb my phone addiction.

Being at home too often and not having many friends, and having social anxiety, it’s more comfortable for me to build a world on my phone. My very own personal coach and echo chamber.

Your hour says I’m obsessed with my phone. They’re not wrong. Here I am writing this post when I still haven’t made my bed!

Now without further ado, the 5 apps I use the most – I can’t live without any of my apps because each serves a different purpose, nor without my phone, even my phone says so – are:

This screenshot is from 2 weeks ago. I forgot to screenshot my most used apps since, so they may have changed. I obviously can’t live without WordPress, WhatsApp and Instagram. The games are for my son, but I would add Walking for weight loss and Tiktok.


I read and write blogs on this app. I tried using WordPress on my laptop but I was much more comfortable on my phone. Besides, with the electricity shortages and my laptop’s bad battery, I’m not able to turn on my laptop often. I don’t know where I would be without my blog. Writing and reading here have pulled me out of depression so many times. Writing gave me purpose and courage and self-confidence I didn’t know I needed. Before the blog, I was just the pharmacist who wasn’t good at the pharmacy stuff, and the stay-at-home mom who was “wasting her degree”. Now when people accuse me of sitting at home all day doing nothing, I can say ” actually, I read and write a lot”.


It’s how I stay in touch with my family and friends. For the 1st 7 years of my marriage, I didn’t have a landline. Now I do, but only when there is electricity and I have to talk on speaker because the phone my husband borrowed was half broken. Besides, I’m more of a text and voice message person rather than a call person, so WhatsApp is my go to app for that.


Even though I don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day on this app, I’m still very dependent on it. I promote my books on my author account. My personal account is more for nature pictures. I have gone on an Instagram detox before. That’s how I got down to 15 to 30 minutes a day as opposed to an hour and up before the detoxing. Also, I was addicted to Instagram before I downloaded TikTok.


Another social media app, I know. I’m addicted to this one, I can tell you that. I make a video on TikTok every once in a while, but mostly I use it as escapism. The odd thing is after getting used to TikTok videos, I feel youtube videos are too long to watch. It’s like TikTok shortened my attention span. Yikes!

Walking for weight loss

Finally, a productivity app! I’m dependent on most of my productivity apps, but they serve more as motivation rather than addictions. This one, however, tracks my steps and makes me feel fit and healthy and good about myself, even though I stuff my face with junk food and sit around too much sometimes, it makes me feel productive!

Which apps are you most dependent on?

10 responses to “5 apps I can’t live without!”

  1. My number 1 app is WordPress and Facebook is definitely right there with it. I recently started using Twitter and Instagram but I don’t post daily because I am still trying to figure out how to use it lol. Oh and YouTube is another one I enjoy.

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    1. That’s awesome! WordPress really is the best blogging app. And Youtube is a godsend. I can’t imagine life before technology, even though I didn’t get introduced to Facebook until I was 17 and Instagram when I was 20. It seems like a lifetime ago.


  2. I also love Instagram for inspiring posts 💕

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    1. Oh yes, I follow so many inspirational accounts of positivity, comics and artwork


  3. Aren’t we all addicted to these apps? How was life interesting before them I wonder (more like try to remember)… definitely wordpress, insta, candy crush are my 3 most important apps. Oh and I have the walking app too (for the same feel good reasons) 🤣😂

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    1. Exactly! My childhood was full of books and play. No screens. With my son, I wonder how he goes on with only 30 minutes of screen time a day. Ooh, I love candy crush. I reached level 550 and then got a new phone and now I’m starting all over 😔

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  4. Mine are the same except the last one. I think my most used is IG 😂

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    1. The rabbit hole that is Instagram 🐇 🕳️


  5. there is once on the beginning of Instagram era, i feel i will die off w/ Instagram in my life

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