Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it

5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it”

    1. Thanks. I don’t celebrate it because im Muslim and also because of what happened last year. I want to write a whole post explaining my stand with Thanksgiving but I was too sick. I’m still not out of the woods yet, but just because I don’t celebrate it, it doesn’t mean others don’t. Also, unlike Christmas and Halloween, it isn’t a religious holiday so I can wish others a happy Thanksgiving just like I can say happy birthday or happy mothers day, even if I don’t celebrate them (I exchange gifts on birthdays sometimes but they’re not a big deal in my family, especially since my husband is strongly against birthdays). In conclusion, I think although we should be grateful every day, Thanksgiving is a good reminder to be grateful for all we have and for those who only gather during holidays, for families and friends to get together and share good food. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

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      1. You’re welcome! No we don’t celebrate thanksgiving at all. It’s an American thing. But we do celebrate birthdays with gusto.

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