Please vote for my design on Printful!

Hello and welcome to my blog! It’s been a long week so far, and im so sleepy right now, too sleepy to recount this weeks events. WordPress didn’t send me any more emails with prompts, for some reason, so I didn’t write any more bloganuary posts. If they send me another prompt, I’ll do it.

Anyway, my pain is receding gradually but im still in pain. I’m on module 7 out of 8 of the course “How to deal with emotions in times of stress and uncertainty” and im benefiting greatly from it, but I have to say, discussing with a close friend offers better perspective and helps me deal with these unhelpful dances of anger (as they put it in The dance of anger, the book im currently reading). I’m also taking a business course (I finished module 3 on advertising) on Printful.

Speaking of printful, I got an email from them about a design competition and im so excited. I wasn’t supposed to check my email until Sunday but I guess it’s fate because I saw the email, made a new design, and participated in the competition!

Please vote for my design on this link:

And if you really like my design, let me know so I can add it to my gumroad store, obsessed with mugs.

Speaking of stores, I’ve done 9 ads for my eco-friendly store and I still haven’t had a single sale. I know whining about it won’t make me any sales either but I really am trying my best here.

The redbubble store is just…there. I thought of paying for a Google ad but I already spent 80$ on my eco-friendly store, so I think I’ll wait until I at least make back the money I spent. I do however add new designs every week.


11 responses to “Please vote for my design on Printful!”

  1. I tried to vote but am unable to do so! It’s very nice.

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      1. I do but it’s on a different device

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      2. Oh. Oh well, im glad you liked the design at least.

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  2. Beautiful design. I’ll check the web link. Art is a wonderful escape from our pains physically and internally. I paint, and when I do it with full blast headphones with my fav music , it’s like I have another World where stress, worries, heartbreaks and sadness does not exist. It’s a happy place. Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Thanks. Did you vote? Painting sounds awesome. I’m not good at painting, though I do enjoy creating designs digitally

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  3. I tried to vote but needs Facebook acct which I don’t have.

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    1. Oh 😔 I wish there was another way to vote but this is the link they gave me

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    2. I’m just glad you thought the design was nice. I hope I get votes. Maybe you can share the link with friends who have Facebook? If it’s no trouble…

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      1. I will try. Thank you for sharing creativity and inspiration.

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