Bloganuary Day 25: Write about what makes you feel strong

A song from Encanto comes to mind. I watched it over 2 Saturday’s with my family. It was AMAZING!

This song, Surface pressure, is very relatable. It’s about strength and pressure and after the song, Mirabel suggests to Loisa that she shouldn’t overwork herself and that resting doesn’t make her weak.

Surface Pressure, from the movie Encanto

So the question is: Am I participating in the bloganuary challenge or not?

Not really, but if they send me a prompt (which they only sent 3 after I submitted to the challenge), I said I would respond. They sent me one a few days ago, but I didn’t respond because I didn’t have time, I wasn’t inspired or I was in pain. I can’t remember which. Consistency is not my strong suit, but im trying. They sent me a prompt today and it immediately reminded me of the song in Encanto so despite the dishes waiting for me, and the pain im feeling, I decided to answer this prompt.

So the real question is: Write about what makes you feel strong

I feel strong when I speak up for myself. I did that today and I feel like the winner at a gladiator tournament.

I feel strong when im not sick or in pain.

I feel strong when someone comes to me for help.

I feel strong when I keep my emotions in check and don’t burst into tears or go into a rage.

I feel strong when I have a friend or loved one I can lean on.

What makes you feel strong?

14 responses to “Bloganuary Day 25: Write about what makes you feel strong”

  1. Beautiful, brave , inspiration and motivation. So true, we should write what makes us better , stinger, happier, and everything that brings us closer to our best selves defined by our own selves. Thanks.πŸ™

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  2. I mean stronger …oops

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    1. Don’t worry. Im used to reading through typos. I understood what you meant right away

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      1. Thanks. Phones have their own brains now.

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  3. I feel strong when I help someone too. Also reading Quran and reaffirming my faith in Allah SWT makes me feel strong.

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    1. Oh yes I forgot to mention that! I also forgot to write that I feel strong when I exercise

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      1. That’s great.

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  4. great song! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  5. I still haven’t seen that movie and I’ve been meaning to. πŸ˜€

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    1. I hope you see it soon. It’s awesome!

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