Advice for people starting a blog/book/podcast/shop

My brain works strangely. I would love to say I have a writer’s mind, but I don’t want to flatter myself. My thoughts are incoherent like tweets. For example “I don’t want to do it anymore” popped in my head a half-hour ago, not knowing what “it” was, but I can take a wild guess. I reminded myself to practice positive self-talk. Back pain interrupts my thoughts often. Maybe if I stood straight or sat without hunching my back or scooting to the edge of the chair, I wouldn’t have this problem. But then again, I blame it on my scoliosis. Did I mention my ears ring? Every time I’m about to start a migraine, I get the warning alarm. I’ve learned to ignore it and stay on my phone and laptop anyway. Self-destructive much?

Anyway, this isn’t what I’m writing about today. I’m supposed to be inspiring and motivating you, not self-deprecating. For those who are new here, hi, I’m sajida. I have been on this blog “My Rollercoaster Journey” since 2017, but it was called “Stay at home mom” until 2020. In March 2020, I published my 1st poetry book on Amazon. I followed it with 9 different books within a year. Most of the books were written by me years before and I just edited them. I’m not that fast of a writer. In March 2021, I started a podcast on Anchor. I saw an opportunity and jumped at it, which is pretty much my problem. I jump into things, then I research and take the courses and read the blogs and fix my mistakes as I go. Learn from my mistakes in the advice below, but 1st, let me finish. I started writing a novella in 2021 after taking a creative writing course, writing a novel outline, waiting 6 months, seeing an opportunity (launch of kindlevella), and working on it slowly. I’m 7 chapters in and now I’m learning “how to write a novel”. I also opened 3 shops online at the end of 2021 (not at the same time) and then started taking courses on printful about how to open a shop on printful. Like I said, learn from my mistakes. Now to the essence of this blog post:

Advice for people starting a blog, book, podcast, or shop:

I am not a guru nor an expert. I’m just a lifelong learner who is trying to make an impact. I will let the results speak for me.

Blog stats

Technically I didn’t start getting views until mid 2019, and as I read more and learn more, I write better and my views reflect that.

Book sales

It ain’t much but it’s honest work. I have an author Instagram account if you want to see snippets of my books.

Podcast listens

No sales from my shops yet, but im optimistic.

Advice #1: Don’t just do it! I made that mistake and learned my lesson. Don’t jump into something without researching about it 1st. Before I made a shop online, I researched the best e-commerce platform and got printful as number 1. But I should have done more research, because most people buy from Amazon, and as im learning, storenvy, gumroad, and redbubble (the storefronts im using) aren’t so popular worldwide.

Advice #2: Gather knowledge. I can’t tell you how many blogs I read a day about how to blog or mistakes to avoid or writing tips. I’m currently taking a creativity course and a business course. I listen to podcasts about mental health and parenting. I watch YouTube videos to learn more and get inspired.

Advice #3: Apply your knowledge. It’s easy to get stuck in the learning zone. I admit, im overloading myself with information, but only because I’m working on my blogging, creative writing, and my shops. I learn everything bit by bit. I don’t do 1 module a day. I do 1 module a week of each course, slowly gathering bits of information and applying them as I go. I wish I did this before I opened my shops though.

Advice #4: Plan, and adjust the plan every week or so. Create long term goals, short term goals, and then an action plan. See what works for you and adjust it along the way. Say, for example you want to blog everyday, but then you find yourself too busy on the weekends. Adjust your blogging schedule to weekdays only.

Advice #5: Make time for your goals. When you have goals, you will have to work to achieve them. Life will distract you from your goals. You need to make time for writing, running a shop, or whatever it is you want to do.

Advice #6: Be clear about what you want and why you want it. If you want to open a shop just to make money, then you are in it for the wrong reasons. Money is a byproduct of having a shop. Your 1st reason should be to connect or inspire or relate to others. Mine is to motivate and inspire through my designs.

Advice #7: Figure out how (free or paid subscription) you are going to do it. For me, im not a risk-taker. My blog is a free subscription, but you can go for the paid version if you want. It has its perks. I published my books on Amazon for free and I only get charged a percentage of the profit when I sell. I created my podcast for free, and Anchor is sponsoring me, also for free. The storefronts im using and the design websites and all the courses im taking and podcasts im listening to and the blogs im reading to succeed as an online shop are all free. However, I have paid quite a lot for Instagram ads and sample orders. Free doesn’t mean easy. I have invested a lot of time and effort in my blog, books, podcast, and shops. The pulled muscles in my neck and shoulders testify to that.

I considered becoming a life coach or creating my own self-improvement course, but I feel I can’t do that until I practice what I preach. I don’t have the skills and wisdom necessary to pursue those paths, yet. So buckle up. This is just the beginning for me, and it’s a rollercoaster journey!

If you’re a new blogger or writer and you have any questions, be my guest. I can only answer from experience, and WordPress is a very supportive community that doesn’t hesitate to help out.

These are the links to my shops if you’re interested:

6 responses to “Advice for people starting a blog/book/podcast/shop”

  1. Your publishing of books is sooo impressive.. Kudos to you!

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      1. You’re so welcome! πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  2. Wow, Sajjida you’ve done a lot already, and doing so much more. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice

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      1. You’re welcome

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