Life Update

Hello and welcome to my blog! I realize that lately, my blog hasn’t had a certain theme. I haven’t been writing poetry, despite receiving daily prompts from Miraquill. I just don’t feel inspired. I am all over the place, and it shows. Today is the last day of my medication, after which we will see if my problem is fixed.

My son doesn’t have school today or tomorrow because the teachers are protesting not having enough money for transportation. Despite the dollar going down from 33,000 LL a dollar to 20,000 LL a dollar, the prices of things are the same. I’m trying not to think about it. Trying to get lost in my own world, which involves a lot of reading, but the medication I’ve been taking for the past 2 weeks causes fatigue and mood swings. At least the pain is gone, right?

Anyway, I’ve been reading blogs a lot, and somehow I still manage to stay behind, but I haven’t had much energy to comment. I also haven’t been writing blogs much because I don’t feel like I have anything meaningful to say. I have been spending more time with my son. I have been nicer to my husband, though I still whine for attention sometimes, whenever I have some energy, I try to keep myself busy. What am I busy with? Besides housework, cooking and taking care of my son, and serving my husband, this is what I’ve been up to these past weeks:

What I’m reading:

The dance of anger (I haven’t read from it in a few days but I’m reading it rather slowly. It’s a heavy book and very on point with the issues I’m dealing with).

Blog posts (various topics, I follow hundreds of bloggers).

What I’m watching:

The Flash (I finished season 1 this morning. It’s amazing. Totally recommend.)

Malcolm in the Middle (I’m only watching it out of curiosity. My mom never let us watch it, now I know why. When I need a distraction from life, I watch an episode. I’m watching an episode a week).

Superman and Lois (I watched the 1st 10 episodes a long time ago and I watched another one recently. It’s pretty cheesy but I want to finish season 1 to fill the gaps since I watched the 1st 2 episodes of season 2).

What I’m listening to:

Kalyn’s Coffee Talk

The Happy Times

Pick the brain podcast

Unruffled by Janet Lansbury

The Science of Happiness

Habits I’m practicing:



Courses I’m taking:

On printful, I’m taking How to start a print-on-demand business for beginners. I’m on module 2.

On coursera, I’m taking Creative thinking: Techniques and tools for success. I’m almost done with module 5 out of 7.

New products in my shops:

These are the products I added last week. I’m trying to add new products today but I was tired all morning and the wifi has been slow all afternoon due to strong winds.

What have you been up to lately?

I’m off to spend time with my son, then I’ll try to add new products to my stores.

By the way, my products on Storenvy and Gumroad are free delivery. I can’t control the shipping prices on redbubble, but I recently made my 1st sale and the customer was very pleased with the products. I made some designs for mothers day. They’re on the shop if you’re interested.

Subscribe to the printful e-commerce newsletter to get a 5$ coupon on printful (you can use the coupon on my eco-friendly shop on storenvy or on my obsessed with mugs shop on gumroad)


8 responses to “Life Update”

  1. I like the way you organize this blog and included all the activities you’re involved in. Good idea to include the new items in the shop.

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  2. Hope you feel better in coming days.
    And I hope reading and spending time with family help you.

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  3. Hope the medication makes you feel better and so nice to see you stay busy and yet productive in diverse ways 😊🥰

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Being productive helps me not slip into depression.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I hope you spend time enjoying each moment you spend reading and watching stuff. You have an amazing blog, well done!😃😃

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