8 Steps to Happiness from Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health Course on Coursera

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m feeling happy today because my son’s report card came out, and although I knew he would get straight As, it still made me happy to see them. I woke him up with the gift I had bought him 3 months ago (im trying not to spoil him with toys because he has so many already, so I bought him 3 toys a few months ago and told him he gets 1 for every straight-A report card).

The toy is a bunny and my son loves stuffed animals (he has so many and calls them his kids) so he was very happy to receive it. He still gave me a hard time going to school because he was tired and I did have to threaten him a bit, but then all is well that ends well, we weren’t late and that’s all that matters!

After I dropped him off at school, I walked back. It was a bit windy but it was fine. I admired nature as I walked but didn’t take any pictures. Then I tidied up the house and suddenly got the urge to continue the positive psychiatry and mental health course I abandoned 10 days ago. So I watched a few videos while I did the dishes and made the beds and organized my scarves drawer (I have too many scarves and yet not enough) and read an article and one of the videos that caught my attention. It was titled:

8 steps to happiness

If you know me, you know I love lists. I love organized ideas, and this was no different. Of course, the speaker went into great detail about each step, but I will only share the tips and the diagram I screenshotted since I have a long to do list for today.

I’m proud of myself for completing the 1st module of the course today. Now before I go off to complete my to do list and be productive, here is the list of 8 steps to happiness:

  1. Link your goals to your values
  2. Do random acts of kindness
  3. Practice Mindfulness
  4. Focus on your strengths and solutions to your problems
  5. Do gratitude exercises
  6. Write a forgiveness letter
  7. Develop and strengthen social networks
  8. Self-reflection and review goals and progress

I hope the list helps. It served me as a reminder of things I already know and try to practice, and as a motivation to refocus my attention on these steps.

9 responses to “8 Steps to Happiness from Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health Course on Coursera”

  1. Thanks for sharing Sajjida. Great pointers

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      1. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’•

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  2. That’s great that your son had an excellent report card!

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  3. Some great points there Sajida…and great that your son aced his tests…the toys are so cute πŸ₯°

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  4. Lol I’m exactly like you in that some tasks on my list get a question mark, and those are the ones I’m not too sure about. And we have a somewhat similar vibe too, where my list consists of stuff I do for myself as well as chores. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. I’m glad! Yes, the question mark is because I put too much on my to do list, sometimes I’m not sure I’ll have the time or energy to do it


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