5 things I learned from 5 years of blogging

Hello reader and welcome to my blog! My mood is looking up today, and it may have something to do with this:

5 year anniversary achievement on WordPress

If you know me, you know im achievement-oriented. I choose apps that can track my progress and give me virtual badges when I pass certain milestones. I base my worth on how productive I was. I measure my goals and habits in percentages of achievement. So even though I’ve been technically blogging for 7 years (2 years on Blogger but with zero views then) and even though my blog didn’t start getting views until April 2019 (2 years after I started blogging on WordPress), this is an achievement and im proud of myself for sticking to blogging for so long.

My writing has evolved over these 5 years. What started as a journal entry type of blog has grown into so much more. I have gone through so much with my marriage, parenting, anxiety, and depression over these 5 years, and throughout this time, my blog has been my outlet. It’s the one place where I can be myself without fearing judgment and rejection. It’s the one place where I feel accomplished. I studied pharmacy but I don’t see myself as a pharmacist. I’m a wife and mother but im a work in progress in those departments. When it comes to writing, and recently creating designs, I feel very creative, motivational, and inspirational.

Over the years, I have learned many lessons in life and in blogging thanks to reading and writing on the blog. I can’t mention everything I learned in this post, so here are 5 things I learned in 5 years of blogging:

1. Reading blogs is as important as writing blogs.

You need to find the perfect balance between not reading too much as to stunt your creativity (because you need a clear head to write) and reading enough to engage with the blogging community and get inspired to write more.

2. Consistency is key.

As with anything in life, this is true. Consistency is not my strong suit. As much as I thrive on routine, my creativity comes in bursts (proof being I just spent 2 hours creating designs on canva and working on my shop Instagram when im supposed to be sleeping because I felt inspired). However, I can’t always give in to my whims, or lack thereof. Sometimes I need to push myself to write, and sometimes I need to hold myself back.

3. Be yourself but not too much.

Sometimes you need to speak from the heart and not care about how whiny you sound, and sometimes you need to cater to your audience and see what type of posts they enjoy the most. When im in the pit of depression, I can be very negative. Sometimes it’s okay to let out these negative thoughts on the blog, in hopes of advice or validation. But sometimes, too much negativity becomes toxic. I seek out positive blogs but I also enjoy reading about other peoples problems. It helps me feel less alone, that im not the only one with problems. But if I saw a blogger who only complained about life, with no hint of hope or optimism, I would unfollow. Please don’t unfollow me, im trying to be more positive.

4. It’s all about the balance.

We all have a life outside of blogging and that’s okay. Don’t get too sucked into the blogging world you forget about your friends and family in real life and end up isolating yourself, but don’t neglect your blog for favor of spending time with friends and family. Whether your blog is free or you pay to maintain it, you need to show up periodically if you want anyone to read your blogs. Otherwise, the algorithm will forget about you.

5. Writing is a craft.

Keep working on it to hone your skills. You can do this by reading, practicing writing, taking online writing courses, and doing other creative work.

These are 5 things I’ve learned from 5 years of blogging on WordPress. How long have you been on WordPress? What lessons have you learned?


13 responses to “5 things I learned from 5 years of blogging”

      1. You’re welcome

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  1. I started blogging in October of the same year you started on WordPress.

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    1. Oh wow ❗ that’s awesome! So you are almost 5 years in as well. High five!

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  2. Congratulations!
    Thanks for the useful tips.


  3. Congratulations and great blogging lessons you’ve learned! 💖

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  4. Hi Sajida. Just went to let you know I posted a review of How to Find Your Voice in the Middle of the Noise on my blog. Well done!

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    1. Omg thank you so much! I’ll check it out right now

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