Weekend Update & Election Day in Lebanon

Hello and welcome to my blog! It’s been a crazy weekend, but I have this feeling like I want to share with you the highlights, partly because it helps me self reflect, and partly because im working on not talking in detail so I will try to list the weekend’s main events:

1. My son got his stitches out Friday.

2. I didn’t get my me time Friday, and I won’t be getting it for the rest of the month.

3. I finally took the kids to the park Saturday (I had been promising to take them for 2 months).

4. My marriage is generally okay, though im having issues with rage for the smallest reasons.

5. Today (Sunday) is elections day but my husband won’t let me elect. He thinks it’s prohibited. He kind of convinced me yesterday but still, it doesn’t feel good to be controlled. I think this is what’s irking me the most.

6. My neck, shoulders and back are all spasmed and my pain levels are moderate, though last night I could barely walk from foot pain.

7. I almost finished putting my new poetry book together. I did a poll on Instagram before asking what should I publish next: poetry, self-help or parenting stories, and poetry won. I even came up with a few titles, did a poll on Instagram, and picked the winner “Surviving the pandemic, one poem at a time”. I still didn’t publish it because im fixing the format.

8. I made so many new designs on canva and im so excited to add them to my redbubble shop, but I haven’t had the time because…busy weekend.

9. I’m still eating too much chocolate and cakes and sweets, although im supposed to be on a diabetic diet.

10. I want to bake a cake for my in-laws today, but after baking a cake last time and it going wrong, im too scared. I will try to encourage myself and do it!

I’m off to eat breakfast (pancakes with jam on top) and work on my book, maybe try to get it published today or tomorrow. I might also watch Malcolm in the middle. I’m on season 2. I might also read from the book im currently reading (further along the road less traveled) before I go to my in-laws.

How was your weekend?

What are your thoughts on elections?

15 responses to “Weekend Update & Election Day in Lebanon”

  1. I think you’re stressing out too much hence the back and neck pain. Try relaxation techniques. Hope you have a peaceful day. Hugs.

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      1. Take care my friend

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  2. You totally should make that cake, even if it goes wrong, it might distract you from your stress – or perhaps you could even get your kids involved!

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    1. I made the cake and looks okay. Didn’t taste it yet, as im bringing it over to my in laws. Thanks for the encouragement ❤️

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    2. It’s a vanilla cake with chocolate chips in it.

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      1. Ooh I’m sure your in laws will enjoy it – sounds tasty!

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        1. They loved it! Thanks ❤️

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  3. progress in the making 👏👏

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