Poetry Prompts are hard for me, but I did it!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve never been good with prompts because I usually go with inspiration whenever it comes. But im currently taking a Poetry Workshop on Coursera called Sharpened visions and im learning so much. I’ve been writing poetry for 13 years and im still learning that there are so many types of poetry. I have tried some and shied away from others. I’ve tried villanelle and acrostic. I haven’t tried haiku yet (too short for me. My poems are usually longer) or prose (I like to divide my poems into stanzas). Miraquill often introduces me to prompts and new types of poetry and explains to me but I was too uncomfortable or busy to try.

So it comes to me as no surprise that im struggling with the prompts I was provided in this workshop. In the 1st prompt, im supposed to hold an inanimate object and describe it from all angles. I have to use imagery and abstract. Imagery is what you can taste or smell or touch, like a fruit, and abstract is an idea, like truth. In the 2nd prompt, im supposed to come up with a strange title, like “the cheese of time”, using both an image and an abstract, then write a poem based on it.

After 3 days of struggling with this in my head (it’s hard for me to think without letting things out, verbally or in writing), I put pen to paper, literally, and wrote the 1st one, while I drank my coffee. My inspiration was, of course, my coffee, and that’s what my poem was about.

Make a still life: Without all of that messy paint

I look at you and feel at ease

As I bring you closer to my face

Your rich aroma fills my being

I can’t wait till your essence

I taste

I drink you up

Feel energized

Is this what its like?

To feel alive…

Peace and tranquility

Transcend softly upon me

The next one took me another 24 hours to think about, and it was because I wasn’t sure if a wheel was an image or an abstract. I mean I can see it and touch it, maybe smell it, but I won’t taste it!

Hello, My Name is: The Wheel of Time

Round and round I go

Like a hamster in a cage

Never stop, never slow

Like a futile race

Am I made of rubber, like a car?

Or like a wooden wheelbarrow?

Am I powered by an engine?

Or do I go on and on?

I am tethered to your life

Like a piece of yarn

The further I go, the more I take

From the fabric of your being

Until there’s nearly nothing left

And I stop abrupt

Then I move on

And keep on spinning

As your corpse lies in the ground

And your loved ones cry then move on

Until their wheels of time run out

I apologize for the dark twist but I went where the poem took me. Time moves on, even as our loved ones go. We keep them in our hearts and in our minds, but time doesn’t slow…

Ooh, also I wrote my 1st Haiku poem today!


Calm yourself, breathe deep

Life is like a game of chess

Try to think ahead

Thank you for reading! Have you ever written haiku? Do you write poetry? Do you wait for your muse or try to write prompts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 responses to “Poetry Prompts are hard for me, but I did it!”

  1. wonderful take on the prompts. Congrats! 💖

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  2. You did very well with the prompts

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      1. You’re most welcome

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  3. Thanks for this post it gave me a great insight

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