Metaphor and other formulas of difference: Another Prompt

Hello and welcome to my blog! I can’t tell you how great it feels talking to you guys! Sending my words out into the ether has never felt so good! It’s because I’m not sending them randomly. I’m sending them to you. Writing and reading on the blog to me feels like talking to friends. I write to you and share about my life. And then I read your blogs to know about your lives and I read your comments to get your feedback on what I told you, and I write comments for you to give you feedback on what you told me. It’s like having a pen pal community!

So I did another poetry prompt on coursera. This one also took me a few days of thinking until creativity kicked in. I wrote it 4 days ago but then the wifi went out before I had a chance to edit the draft, but that’s okay because the wifi going out inspired me to write my previous post. Anyway, I’m rambling (I randomly woke up at 4:30 am and got inspired to finish writing this draft). Moving on.

After writing these prompts, I did another module in the course (I’m yet to do the next prompt) but I want to share about what I learned regarding these prompts. I learned about metaphors, similes, personification, and other figures of speech. I learned the difference between them and how to detect them.

You are so conceited: When a metaphor isnt tough enough

A Conceit is like an extended metaphor, but it argues for the metaphor itself.

Humans are trees
They are found in so many different shapes and sizes
If their roots are solid and extended into the ground
They flourish and grow big and strong

Some bloom with flowers every spring
Some bear fruits of labor in summer
Some change color in autumn
Some lose their leaves in the winter
Some are evergreen
Full of positivity

And if a tree’s roots are poisoned
It rots from the inside out
Soon enough it has fallen
And its stench ever so foul

Some are cut off in their prime
While others live to old age
Some tell you stories of wisdom
Others let you cool in their shade

Some trees are dry and barren
While others evergiving
Some grow in the desert
Some grow on an island
Some stand alone so tall and proud
Others grow better with friends around

Humans are trees
They also need water, air, sunshine and nutrients

One of us! One of us! Developing the focused image system

Write a poem in which you limit all figures of speech to a general thematic unity. I chose the beach.

Like raindrops
In the ocean
Small waves
Set the motion
To the tide
It would glide

A rock dropped in the water makes a ripple
I remember we were young we would skip ’em
We would chase the tide going in
And when it came back we would run again

Sit down on the beach making castles
Sand all over our feet didn’t matter
Crazy hair, didn’t care
Outfits didn’t match
Sunshine and water’s all we had
And we were good like that

Beach days
Were the best days
We were scared of the water though
We were young so we didn’t know

I remember our laughter echo
And our screams of glee
Oh, don’t you see
It was the magic of the sea

In other poetry-related news, I submitted another poem on spillwords a month ago and it got accepted! They just published it. I’m so excited!

However, I submitted a poem on another website (one I have to pay 5$ to submit but the prize is 1000$) and I hope I didn’t get scammed because 1st I’m sure they said poetry competition, then after I paid and received an invoice that the money was taken from my account, I received an email telling me that I submitted but didn’t pay! When I replied that I did, indeed, pay before even submitting my poem, they replied that poems are not allowed. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I hope my money didn’t all disappear in some scam (I’m not paying 2$ just to check. I’d rather not know).

Anyway, I just started a migraine so I should probably go back to sleep. I got only 4 hours of sleep so far. Good night.

Have you responded to any poetry prompts lately?

Do you pay to submit poems or submit for free?

Update: I’ve had a migraine all day long. Been in a foul mood all day too. My son refused to go to my mom’s and hence we were in fight and flight mode all day. Things got ugly. Migraine persisted. I also received terrible news today so that didn’t make matters better. Didn’t take medicine for the migraine because I didn’t want to pass out from the heavy stuff and my husband bought the wrong panadol. I didn’t ask him to go get the right one. Maybe I feel like I deserve this headache, or maybe it’s an excuse for when my sister-in-law called and asked y I look off. I said it was a migraine. Perfect excuse. Lets me get away without further questions. I want to be anywhere but here right now, but my head hurts so I can’t escape into my phone, book or laptop…even when I dim the brightness…

6 responses to “Metaphor and other formulas of difference: Another Prompt”

  1. Congratulations on the publication. Very honest and heartfelt poem Sajjida.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome my friend

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I so enjoy your poetry. I read the prompts and am paralyzed: well done on creating something on task and beautiful. I especially liked the trip to the beach via your words.

    I’m sorry about the migraine. You don’t deserve it. Pain is pain and migraine is migraine. There isn’t a moral component. You don’t get one because you were grumpy with the shop clerk or your son. I’m sorry you’re suffering. Sending hugs and kindness ❤️‍🩹

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! The poem about the beach was inspired by a childhood memory. I remember sitting on the sand and building sand castles. My older brother was scared of the water. He would run towards the water, then as soon as a wave 🌊 went towards him, he would shriek and run back to the sand. I remember this and I feel simple unadulterated joy. I don’t have migraine anymore. Thankfully, my sister-in-law took my son for a sleepover (my husband suggested it). I got my me time! I needed this. So grateful for my husband and sister-in-law right now. She took my son out bike riding. He is happy. I’m glad!

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      1. Kids and bikes. Almost always a big smile 💖

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