Father’s day is coming up! How To Be A Great Dad & Gift Ideas

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve been up since 4 am and I can’t seem to go back to sleep. I finally fell back asleep at 9:30 pm, only to be awakened at 10 am.

I have a headache and my brain is dried, but I’m still trying to catch up on reading blogs, and somehow I’m still 2 weeks behind. I guess I follow too many blogs now. I don’t want to unfollow any blogs but I can’t keep this up. Blog reading is taking hours out of my day and reading too much sometimes stunts my creativity, but not today.

See as I happened upon this post about 10 tips to be a great dad, I started giving my husband a score over 10. Then I thought why not share these tips and share my husband’s score, and take the opportunity to show you the fathers day merch on my store!

So since I have a migraine and I’ve already been on my phone for 4 hours today and it’s only 11 am, I’m going to make this quick. I won’t go into detail about my husband’s score because I don’t want to talk about him badly. Like any other person, he has great qualities as a husband and a dad and some areas that need improvement. It’s not my place to state which areas need improvement on the blog, but I can tell you he scored 5/10 according to the 10 tips provided. I think my husband is a good dad and is very dependable.

These tips are very beneficial for all dads out there, so go ahead and give your kid’s dad a score if you have kids and send this post to them so you can help them improve, because nobody is perfect.

Also, you can get your husband/partner one of these shirts for fathers day: (or any other merch with this design:

I can also make you a custom-made design if you want!

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